Apple’s new A11 “Bionic” Chip : It’s a huge leap into the future

Apple created headlines with it’s event yesterday, with the unveiling of the iPhone 8/8Plus and the gorgeous iPhone X. However, the biggest change is not what can be seen from the outside. Apple has created a whole new era in mobile computing with it’s A11 chip, also introduced at the keynote. At a moment when the latest and greatest of Snapdragon’s processors couldn’t manage to keep up with Apple’s A10X Fusion chip, Apple announced the A11 chip to be present in all the future iPhones. That’s a huge leap forward.

Not only is the A11 chip faster than all existing mobile chips out there but it also features dedicated cores for Machine Learning. This is partly the reason that Apple likes to call it the “Bionic” chip. Or maybe not. Who knows the naming conventions of Apple, after all? (If they could call the Wireless Charging mat as AirPower, I am sure that they could definitely call the chip Bionic).

So, based on the information received so far, what is the speciality of the A11 chip found in iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X?

  • For starters, the chip has 6 cores, each of which is 25% faster than the previous chips made my Apple (I am assuming Apple means the A10 chips and not the A10X chips).
  • Secondly, Apple has put in a 3 core GPU to each of the new iPhones. What’s special about the GPU is that it shall be used to run Machine Learning Algorithms directly on your phone. Now, this is definitely a technology I am extremely positive about for it not only uses Machine Learning to better customise your mobile experience to your needs but also manages to save your privacy (Note to Google, Facebook and Microsoft : My data is mine. Why do you have to stick your noses everywhere?). I really hope that this becomes a huge hit, for then we will be able to usher in an era of smart, privacy-conscious AI, tailormade for each individual. 
  • Thirdly, the A11 chip is manufactures using a 10nm process (compared to 16nm process used for the A10 chips). This means that it will be even smaller than before, while being much more powerful and energy efficient. So, all in all this is a great chip.
  • And along with Metal 2 technology, these A11 chips’ GPUs just blow the competition far far away.

Needless to say that one of the biggest changes in the iPhone will be under the hood. And that change is the uber-cool, super powerful and super efficient A11 chip.
For an idea of how powerful the A11chip actually is, have a look at these benchmarks…

(Source : Geekbench 4 done by experts who obviously, have the iPhone X for benchmark tests)

Here’s hoping that the Android community manages to reach this high a performance before 2020. Although I am beginnning to feel that this might be just a dream. 

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7 thoughts on “Apple’s new A11 “Bionic” Chip : It’s a huge leap into the future”

    1. Can’t do it. Indian government is at fault here – It retails at around 64000 in US but 89000 in India. The 25000 rupee price difference is the money that the Indian government takes as tax

      1. When people of US says it’s overpriced it feel .. how could they even say so we bought even iPhone 6 for the price in which they are getting iPhone X .
        So apple is not much to be blamed for this exceptional price it’s the duties and taxes that makes it so.
        Also note8 is just few bucks cheaper than iPhone X i.e something around $940 but no one complained but when apple did it everyone overhyped it ..

        1. Everyone just seems to find reasons to hate Apple, don’t know why. Oh well, that’s how humans are. Hating the ones who are popular and provide quality.

          1. 😂😂, No offense bro,
            Neither I hate any company , nor I have affection towards any company. Just expressing my views as a common man.

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