Apple’s Ecosystem : The secret of it’s success !

People are often left confused as to why the “overpriced pieces of crap” Apple products keep selling more and more by the year. (I personally find Apple products of an extremely high quality). After all, it is an honest question. If an Android phone costing 1/3rd of an iPhone can do almost all the basic tasks expected of a smartphone these days, then why do people still buy into Apple products?

Another common trend seen is : Once you buy an Apple product, you buy other Apple products very soon. There’s something alluring about the whole experience, or something. But it’s exactly what happens. It’s called the “Halo Effect” and Apple understands it very well. This effect works because, well, of the Apple ecosystem. Say what you might, but there exists no greater ecosystem than Apple’s, an ecosystem of hardware and software, tweaked to near perfection, working together as smoothly as can be. And the fun part, the more Apple products you buy, the better it gets.
No such counterpart exists in the Android/Windows side of things. There were rumours of Android apps coming over to Chromebooks but given how poorly Android apps fare on tablets, I feel that this would hardly be a pleasant experience for most users. To be fair, the Windows continuum is much better than that of Android. However, Windows Phones hardly have any market share owing to the lack of apps.
The reason is simple. Of all the major OS competitions, only Apple is a major player in each scenario. Have a look :

  1. Desktop OS : Windows vs macOS vs Linux
  2. Mobile OS : Android vs iOS
  3. Tablet OS : Windows vs iOS (I leave out Android because Android sucks on tablets)
  4. Smartwatch OS : Android Wear vs watchOS
  5. Automobile OS : Android Auto vs CarPlay
  6. TV OS : Android vs tvOS

Despite being such diverse devices, Apple manages to unify them in a way no one has been able to. And it is this advantage of Apple that no one understands.

For all those saying that Android has caught up with iOS or that Windows has caught up with macOS, I would say “Rethink”. For no company in this world has such a wide hardware-software integration as Apple. And it is this huge lead over competition that ensures Apple’s success, year after year. For as long as there will be gadgets, there will be an Apple device in that category of gadgets. And that is all that Apple needs to bring you into it’s ecosystem.

Now, with Apple Music being launched on Android, who is to say that Apple isn’t bringing it’s ecosystem to you through it’s software. It’s a smart move by Apple, and it’s paying off.

I hope that Android and Windows users finally understand why Apple is successful, despite it’s high prices.

And here’s an analogy : 

Think about it. Louis Vuitton is overpriced, but it has it’s own audience. Neither will it attract the common man, nor does it wish to. Same goes for Apple. Apple has a niche market, and always had a niche. Even in the Mac/PC days, Apple was always at 10-15% of market share. This doesn’t affect Apple. For Apple always has been a niche product, and it always has been about the ecosystem and perfection.

Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Like it or not, that’s your choice. But that is the truth. And keep the hate comments to yourself. Constructive comments are welcome, though !



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