Multitasking on the iPad : Are the days of laptops coming to a close?

Let’s face it, the PC market has been falling steadily. With the advent of bigger phones, great tablets (mostly iPad), better cloud services and a plethora of apps available on mobiles, the technology market has been seeing a trend of declining laptop sales.

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There has never been a better time to switch to an iPad. With Apple announcing a slew of updates to it’s already powerful iPad Pros earlier this year, it seems that Apple is serious on getting people to switch to tablets. And with iOS 11, it seems that maybe we should also be serious on this thing.

I bought my first iPad this year (The one launched this year) and I have never regretted buying it. Within three months, my iPad managed to replace my laptop. Here’s how I use technology everyday –

  • I listen to songs all day long
  • I code frequently, at least once in two days.
  • I write a lot of articles for the blog. Trust me, that involves quite a bit of work on the backend, having to design the thumbnails for every blog post, managing the backend of the site and stuff.
  • I prepare reports for my assignments. These reports mainly involve the usage of Word and Excel (or Pages and Numbers, if you use those).
  • I browse the web. A lot.

Leave apart coding, every other activity that I use technology for can be done on the iPad. In fact, that is what I use for everything other than writing code. It’s super easy, thanks to Split View and the enhanced multitasking features of iOS 10. Now, with iOS 11, multitasking on iPad is set to improve further. I am super excited for iOS 11 – It’s definitely going to increase my productivity.
It was this very thing that made me realise something. Unless you are a coder or a gamer (which is quite a small percentage of all the people who use laptops), a laptop is unnecessary for you. To put it simply, why would you buy a laptop to do the same things that you could do an iPad when laptops are –

  • Usually insecure (Windows laptops)
  • Heavy. Laptops typically weigh 2kg (iPads usually weigh less than 0.5 kg)
  • Much less portable than an iPad
  • Unable to last as long as an iPad on battery

(I could understand it if you wanted to buy a Mac. Macs are light, secure and have great battery life)

All this leads me to believe that if Apple could have apps like FinalCutPro and XCode on the iPad Pro, then that would be a laptop killer for sure. And it’s not unlikely. Apple already equips the iPad Pro with fast processors and an optimised OS. All they need to do is increase the RAM a bit and woo developers to make intensive apps for iPad Pro. That would be enough to wreak havoc on the already declining laptop market.

Think about it. 


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