Windows is going downhill. I’m disappointed, Microsoft

It’s the year 2015. PC users receive a notification from Microsoft the likes of which they have never seen. The notification says – Upgrade to Windows 10. For free! (That was serious marketing, Microsoft).Of course, I didn’t realise back then how Microsoft was playing us all along. With the excitement of a teenager, I quickly borrowed all the laptops in the house, and upgraded them to Windows 10 the day it was launched.

There was hardly a moment when I didn’t regret doing that. Upgrading to Windows 10 was as much a regret for me as was upgrading to Windows 8. For me, Windows 7 was the best piece of software Microsoft had ever released. It was beautiful, fast and worked on older devices. Heck, even my XP programs ran on 7. Also, UEFI wasn’t a big thing back then. It made dual booting easier back then. Now it’s much more tedious, thanks to UEFI and Secure Boot.

Windows 10 promised a fast, fluid performance. To be fair, I did get a fast performance on 10. For a month. And then it was all bad. Windows 7 had transformed me from a Windows critic to a Windows lover. But Windows 10 did the exact opposite.

Gone were the beautiful aero effects, gone was the backward program compatibility, gone was my laptop’s battery life and gone was the fast, fluid experience offered to me on Windows 7. Despite all that, the eternal problems of Windows stayed. In fact, they got worse.

Windows Update sucked from the starting. It was bearable on Windows 7 but Windows 10 brought with it a ton of restrictions. No more could updates be cancelled. No more choices left with me. So, every restart became a “Windows is updating” junk screen for me. I suppose Windows users will understand how frustrating this is. Eventually, workarounds were found. But they came at a price : Lack of security.

Windows was never secure to begin with. And stopping updates makes it even less secure. Just how long will it take for Microsoft to make updates unobtrusive and a pain-free process?

My next issue was, obviously, security. Despite having safe browsing habits, one of the days I managed to click on some advertisement, in a hurry (It was on some blog site about tech). The next thing I knew, my PC was full of viruses. Nothing worked : MalwareBytes, Rescue Disks, Antiviruses, all failed. That cost me a complete format and reinstall of Windows.
After working fine for a bit of time, the fresh Windows install suddenly started breaking down. It worked fine for like 3 months and then suddenly it’s drivers got corrupted. All by itself. One day, my USB ports got disabled. The other day, my Ethernet port got disabled. And so on. The last driver left was that of the CD Drive. Before something could happen to it, I created a Linux DVD and installed it. Freedom at last! From Windows. It was short lived, sadly.

That wasn’t it, though. Loads of programs run only on Windows or Mac. I had to reinstall Windows as a dual boot. And I am suffering from it, till date.

It’s the latest and the greatest of Windows, complete with a legit license. Even after all that, if it can’t work properly, then I give up. It’s been far too long that I have used Windows. I have kept my belief in Microsoft all these years, a belief that they would perfect Windows. Right when I thought they had it with Windows 7, out came Win 8 and Win 10, undoing much of their hard work.

Can’t go on this way, Microsoft. Please get your act together. Because, unless you do, I am going to switch : Initially to Linux and finally to macOS (when I get that sort of money). You have taken a lot of time, but haven’t improved much.

I’m sure many would agree with me on this.

I’m disappointed, Microsoft.
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