Scoring high in BITSAT with just 10 months of preparation…

Definitely, it can be done !

Even if you do not exclusively prepare for BITSAT, and rather prepare for JEE and other engineering entrances too, you can still score these marks in BITS.

Many of the top scorers of BITS do not particularly prepare for BITS. Trust me, this comes out to be my own experience. Well, so the question that remains here is…

How do I prepare in these 10 months?

There is a particular pattern in BITS paper if you watch previous years’ questions carefully. Most of it is from NCERT. Also, the paper set always appear to be of the elementary level if you are preparing for JEE. You may get suggestions to follow NCERT as BITS mostly includes questions taken directly from NCERT. Piece of advice : Do not just rely on NCERT. To get an extra edge over the other candidates diversify your topic coverage. Practice loads of sample papers. Work on your reasoning skills

MATHS – Use standard books. R D Sharma Objective could be a good book in this context. Rigorous practice. That’s all you need. Do you know why? Because you have to attempt 45 questions in the exam and those questions are really easy since I’m assuming you would have studied 11th and 12th maths properly. What proves to be the deciding factor is your speed on THE DAY and how well you are able to apply concepts that you have learnt all these years.

PHYSICS – It is a very logical subject and it is mandatory that you have your concepts cleared thoroughly if you want to score good. H C Verma; a book you MUST complete by any means in your initial months of prep. Apart from this you can practice solving problems from D C Pandey keeping a check on the time it takes you to do the questions and evaluate accordingly.

CHEMISTRY – It acts as icing on the cake if you end up finishing it perfectly in the exam coz this a subject that is most prone to silly mistakes disaster. NCERT are the best books here. Remember, I said do not JUST rely on NCERT. And this in no way implies that you neglect NCERTs. YOU SHOULD NOT. All the extra material you do, do it besides NCERTs.

Please make sure.. your motivation will be the driving force. Get in touch with seniors who could mentor you.

That’s it with the preparation tips. I’m with passionate efforts you would surely achieve a score that you desire.

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  1. I’m able to solve RD objective (all exc. and stuff ) in time bound conditions after learning stuff from GTewani. I hope I’ve the level of bitsat math .

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