Hello there, people. It’s time… KVPY is arriving soon and i felt that you need the best to clear it. Hence, we have come out with our own set of mock tests prepared for you by the experienced faculties who are on-board the Team Prepsera…

Here is the link to these papers. Make sure you use them well. A question from our mock tests came in KVPY 2016. So, you know what to do 🙂

Set 1 : Here are two practice papers for your practice. Answer keys will be uploaded soon…

Mock Test Paper 1

Mock Test Paper 2

Set 2 : Here are two more…

Mock Test Paper 3

Mock Test Paper 4

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Aakash Kapoor

5 thoughts on “KVPY SX : MOCK TESTS”

  1. Well thank you for those papers but there are lot of printing mistakes. Please see if it’s possible to correct them.

  2. I hv used op tondon for chemical bonding ,periodic properties ,coordination …..
    But for p block etc I found it huge……
    What for.these topics ?

    NCert … any thing else ?
    (I hv a book for question for practice.)
    Just need the book for theory

    PS my aim under 100

    U were not replying there so I commented here

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