KVPY SA : Mock Tests

Hello there, people. It’s time… KVPY is arriving soon and i felt that you need the best to clear it. Hence, we have come out with our own set of mock tests prepared for you by the experienced faculties who are on-board the Team Prepsera…

Here is the link to these papers. Make sure you use them well. Note that one question from our mock tests came in KVPY 2016. So you know what to 

Set 1 : Here is one paper with answer key, and one paper without for self-evaluation. Answer Key will be uploaded later on.

Mock Test Paper 1

Mock Test Paper 2

Set 2 : Here are two more practice papers.

Mock Test Paper 3

Mock Test Paper 4

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Aakash Kapoor

6 thoughts on “KVPY SA : Mock Tests”

  1. Thanks for the mock tests…
    Also do you know a good book from which we can study number theory for math for kvpy?

    1. err.. as such i guess you can use books like rd sharma, maybe a das gupta if you can manage. Given the exam has almost arrived, i would say take a look through rd sharma and revise your class 10th stuff mainly

    1. Yeah sure, please wait. Actually, the large number of papers has caused a bit of confusion regarding the correct matching of the keys. And posting a wrong key is not an option.
      So, just verifying the correct answers and then gonna post.
      The faculties are on it. Meanwhile, practice other papers too 🙂

  2. its very good before giving kvpy exam this mock test helps you more to score to understand the question patern paper

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