Calculus 202 : Integral Calculus for JEE-Main and Advanced

Let’s head up to the second portion of the Calculus portion of JEE Syllabus. The tricks that we have mastered and used while doing the differential part of calculus shall help a lot in Integral Calculus. After all, Integration is just the inverse of Differentiation. However, it gets a bit more interesting than that. Differentiation of functions can be easy, sometimes even implicit. However, Integration for the most part is not elementary. Let’s head on to the individual chapters and the books that we are going to need for this high-weightage unit of JEE Maths syllabus. 

Chapter – Wise Analysis

  • Integration : One of the toughest chapters in the entire mathematics syllabus simply because of the large amount of memorization involved. There are standard tricks, tips and methods that you have to keep at your tips if you want to stand a chance at solving questions of this chapter. Things like Method of Substitution and the use of Trigonometric Identities help a lot in simplifying questions. Integration by Parts is another important concept. As this chapter hosts a lot of concepts, it is tough to decipher which method would be needed to solve a given question. As such, doing a lot of practice becomes essential. Also, there are a ton of properties of Definite Integrals that are extremely helpful.
  • Differential Equations : Differential Equations are all about applying the concepts that you have learnt and mastered under the chapter of Integration. A few terms and a bit of theory is to be remembered initially. However, other than that all questions reduce to an Indefinite Integration, with or without initial conditions. Note that few forms are to be remembered as is, like the Homogenous differential equation form and the Linear Differential Equation form. Also, origin shifting comes handy in reducing certain questions to Homogenous form. 
  • Area Under the Curve : By far the easiest chapter of this unit. Area under the curve is essentially definite integration with the proper limits as needed by question. Just realizing that a definite integral signifies area of the function with the co-ordinate axis helps in understanding this chapter. Other than that, this chapter has a few standard areas that are helpful if memorized.

Books You’ll Be Needing



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17 thoughts on “Calculus 202 : Integral Calculus for JEE-Main and Advanced”

  1. Do we need walli’s Formula in jee level integration as it is mentioned in your tmh mathematics?

  2. Is 1 year enough for preparing for jee main and getting 250+ marks (provided I am going to take a drop after 12th)? And please tell me what are the chances of getting under 1000 in jee advanced?Give me honest advice?

  3. Hi. Could you please guide me what should be the approach for ques of JEE Advance like multiple choice ques. etc. & also for BITSAT..?
    Also, what was your approach towards these both exams ? Plz.

    1. Just correctly do the sure shot ones and make sure to score as much as possible in the doubtful ones. Also intelligent guessing is an integral part of giving an examination. Keep that in mind

  4. Is Sameer Bansal a good source for calculus questions?.
    Do we have Green’s Theorem in our syllabus?.
    Which AITS did you benefit from the most and why?
    When do we need to finish 12 syllabus by?

    Sorry for asking so many questions.

    1. I have heard that it is a good book. Green theorem is out of syllabus. All aits are good. Finish syllabus by November

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