Attempting The Paper

Hello folks. The topic of this article viz attempting the paper is basically what counts. Believe me, I have seen cases wherein people seem to know every damn concept but they just blow it up when its all needed.(I have done that too so I know the inner frustration when this happens..)

The three golden rules which must be kept in mind before attempting any paper are:

  1. POSITIVITY  AND CONFIDENCE : Well this is something that I would put before academics. some might consider this stupid but for me , and  I believe for a average student this counts more than absolute knowledge. Having a positive attitude just before the paper really keeps the mind in a good shape and gives you a much needed head start… So the question which arouses is – HOW?? Generally ,  listening soft music or some light exercises before the exam prove instrumental.
  2. CLARITY OF PERSONAL STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES : Majority of the students have a subject preference i.e. : PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY/MATHS. Having this clarity of thoughts is an asset if you’re gunning to crack JEE. Realizing which subject is relatively easy shouldn’t be a big trouble. Often, people just find that a particular subject doesn’t connect to them and that’s when they decide their preferences. My advice on this matter is – ALWAYS STICK TO YOUR STRENGTH!. (I preferred maths > physics > chemistry  so that was my way of attempting the paper).
  3. KNOWLEDGE : Yeah , something called “conceptual knowledge”  is required to understand the problems fully in a paper like JEE-ADV. A sincere student always ensures that he/she has understood the concept properly. NOTE : JEE paper setters are prudent enough to play with words and change the whole meaning of the question. So better Read the question completely and properly !

I hope I’ve given some insight on a decent way to attempt a paper. I’ll be posting more stuff. Stay connected.


Rahul Agrawal


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