iOS 11.1 : The much needed upgrade 

After a somewhat troubled release of iOS 11, Apple seems to be turning things around with iOS 11.1. Finally !

While iOS 11 has been a major update for iDevices, it has had a fair share of problems. It seems to be a trend with odd numbered iOS updates : iOS 7 was buggy, so was iOS 9 and so is iOS 11. On the other hand, the even numbered iOS updates are pretty much stability and feature upgrades, leading to a smoother and more polished experience than the odd numbered iOS updates. Maybe it’s because often the odd numbered iOS updates are massive changes while the even numbered updates are more of incremental changes (or under the hood upgrades). As is common knowledge among the developer community, more features implies more chances of things breaking and causing unexpected issues. It’s simply not an outright coding flaw – It’s just a matter of overlooking simpler details amidst the tonnes of other details to be kept in mind. Believe me, software development isn’t an easy process and developers try their best to write bug-free code. However, some bugs always creep in. Luckily, Apple addresses these with proper updates (unlike Google *cough, cough*).


So, for the users of iOS 11, here is a great news. iOS 11.1 is about to be launched, maybe today itself and it brings quite a lot of changes :

  • Security fixes, including a fix for the notorious WiFi Krack issue and the iMessage Lockscreen bypass issue.
  • Battery Improvements : Massive improvements, if beta testers are to be believed. iOS 11.1 is supposed to have battery life comparable to iOS 10.3.3, which is a great news.
  • Performance upgrades : Speed has also been ramped up and iOS is smoother and much more stable. Some UI inconsistencies have been fixed and overall, Apple is adding polish to iOS 11.
  • 3D touch multitasking gesture is back (for those of you who use it).
  • 3D Touch stutter is no longer present.

All in all, Apple has worked hard and managed to improve iOS 11 by a significant amount.

My advice : Upgrade to iOS 11.1 as soon as it comes out, even if you haven’t updates to iOS 11 till now. Seriously, this seems to be what iOS 11 should have been and is working much better than ever.



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