How to clear KVPY (SX) aptitude, from the eyes of a biology student

One of the most prestigious exams at +2 level is KVPY. Now it can be cleared in both 11th(SA) and 12th(SX) and  in college as well(SB). I will be talking about SX here, and how to clear it, especially if you are a PCB student.

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Hello there, people. It’s time… KVPY is arriving soon and i felt that you need the best to clear it. Hence, we have come out with our own set of mock tests prepared for you by the experienced faculties who are on-board the Team Prepsera…

Here is the link to these papers. Make sure you use them well. A question from our mock tests came in KVPY 2016. So, you know what to do 🙂 Continue reading KVPY SX : MOCK TESTS

Calculus 101 : Differential Calculus

The Case with Differential Calculus :

Do you like to watch the skateboarding competitions?Where do you find the thrill, in the skating on the flat ground or on the curved part?

Just for a moment…. rewind the skateboarding video that you are watching alongside as you read this article…. and observe the motion of the head of the skateboarder? Do you see that for very short time intervals, the head moves approximately as a straight line? 

Did you know that simple mathematics can help you calculate the tilt of this ‘line’ (something we call the slope)? If not, then differential calculus is the way to go. Finding the slope is one of the basic tasks that differential calculus deals with. That is not all, however. Differential Calculus is a much more diverse and beautiful science which explains a lot about the world. In fact, all the major researchers in the world use calculus extensively. Simply speaking, calculus is the most logical and useful part of mathematics, specially in JEE syllabus. Continue reading Calculus 101 : Differential Calculus

Scoring high in BITSAT with just 10 months of preparation…

Definitely, it can be done !

Even if you do not exclusively prepare for BITSAT, and rather prepare for JEE and other engineering entrances too, you can still score these marks in BITS.

Many of the top scorers of BITS do not particularly prepare for BITS. Trust me, this comes out to be my own experience. Well, so the question that remains here is…

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Modern Physics : Quick, simple, and easy

Everyone knows what modernity stands for, right? Speed. Yup, that’s the answer. And how do we achieve it…. Well, we use short cuts, tricks, slangs, etc. Everyone knows what “IDK’ stands for, right? Such a long line….shortened into three letters. Yeah, that is the new modern generation. Quick, fast and short. Presenting the shortest unit of the enitre JEE syllabus, something as short as its modernity and as quickly understood… Yup, you guessed it right. It is none other than Modern Physics, the most scoring unit of JEE Physics. Continue reading Modern Physics : Quick, simple, and easy