Motivation is one of the keys to success… And other important things to note

Do you know how people achieve success in their life? It’s cuz they are doing the thing for the interest of it and not for the heck of it. Most people are motivated to make something or to do something and that’s what fuels them to achieve. So, the take away message is that do a thing only if you want to.

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Also, so many people apply for engineering. Take a deep breath and think : There are more engineers than are needed and that has skewed the technology industry beyond belief. Whatever is happening is not good for the long run. With an abundance of Bachelor’s degree holders in Engineering disciplines, we see a decreasing value of such students. Simple demand and supply at work. And so many people fail to understand it, especially in India. A very big fallacy in the logic of Indian parents is that if something has been the way it is for a long time, then it shall stay the same way forever. This is completely wrong and never works. However, it’s tough to make them understand. Heck, even the logical people refuse to believe in this because it paints a harsher (yet more accurate) depiction of reality than the alternative.

But think about it… wasn’t it obvious? People used to bathe in the Ganges even 2000 years ago. However, it became polluted only now. These 2000 years were enough for Indians to believe that the Ganges river would always stay pure and clean. When told that it’s dirty now and infected with superviruses, such people scoff and state that the Ganges is eternally pure. Stupid idiots don’t realize that conditions have changed. That river has a great throughput of water, agreed. It can carry the muck of maybe a lakh humans, or maybe even a million. But definitely not of a 100 million people. Why can’t people see this? Guess they are fools.

Similarly, students preparing for Engineering examinations (especially the JEE). Just because IITians were well paid till now doesn’t mean the trend will continue. Heck, it’s a reversing trend by this time. The number of engineers is too much, even IITians. There simply aren’t enough jobs left. Either you fight tooth and nail to secure a job or you go in for PhD (cuz there is still a slight deficiency of researchers). The days of BTech at IITs being a sure shot job selection are over.

So, for all the kids preparing for JEE just for the heck of it… Stop, listen to your mind and heart and go follow your passion. There are so many other fields that haven’t been mainstream for a long time now. Do whatever you actually love. Just don’t go into engineering because your parents tell you to or because it pays well. Because the time is up and it’s time for you to realize this soon.
Also, if some parents are reading this, I’ll simply state the obvious : “Let your kids do whatever they want, it’s their life. Not yours. There are unlimited avenues to success. Just because you don’t know about them doesn’t mean there aren’t. Let your kids take a path different from the crowd and carve their own unique position in the world. That ways, even if they screw up, there shall be no blame on you all. Also, trust your kids a bit. Please. They won’t screw up. All they need is your backing and support, and they shall make you proud. But by doing what they love and not what you want them to love. Apologies if I come across as too rude. But somebody has to say this bluntly, and what stops me from being that somebody.”


Hoping for a better future for everyone of you, parents and students alike.

Cheers !

7 thoughts on “Motivation is one of the keys to success… And other important things to note”

  1. OK finally you people also get it it that whatever is going on is just plain game of lies and traps but nobody will listen to you guys, no-one did in case of mine and I shifted my mouth and got back to jee it your time all the youth out there ,face the mental pain..I am you will enjoy it. Written by someone who thought engineers create thins and coaching classes are there for good understanding and pathbreaking discoveries ,sorry but I was wrong and I am back in that great race.

      1. Neither did I understand. Also, this isn’t a post for all you to bitch against the system. It is something for you to think and to implement in your lives and if not possible, then in the lives of all who you can support or help.
        If you rephrase, it would be great @Rishi. Atleast we would be able to see your point

  2. Good post, your views of the engineering students is really resonated with me. Please do the posts on admission to NTU and NUS as promised. Thank you.

    1. Yeah sure. Actually the guy who was supposed to do it (the one in NUS) has been running busy else I would have posted it sooner. Anyway, Ill give out my views in any case

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