Why there is nothing like Face ID so far…

Haters, back off. I will be very clear while saying this. Most people who are lashing out at this new technology brought out by Apple have a few claims (ridiculous claims). They claim that –

  • Face ID isn’t new and has been there since Android 4. That isn’t the case. There is a difference between the facial recognition feature implemented in Android and in iOS.
  • Face ID is inconvenient. Wrong again. No longer do you need to position your finger on a sensor. Now, all that is needed is a look. Super convenient. Also, it works in the dark too!
  • Face ID is insecure. Couldn’t be more wrong. As tested by multiple independent experts, it comes out that Face ID can’t be fooled by pictures, lasers or masks. Additionally, it doesn’t work unless you are looking at the screen. So basically no one can unlock your phone if you are sleeping or looking somewhere else. 
  • People claim Face ID failed at the Apple demo. That wasn’t the case. The reason Face ID didn’t let Craig unlock his iPhone was because the staff handling the devices before the keynote were looking at it. And those were considered by Face ID as unauthorised attempts to unlock the device prompting entry of passcode.
  • Face ID is claimed to be a gimmick. Well, it isn’t. It can be much more useful. Animoji was just an example. There are so many ways the new iPhone X uses Face ID data to manage your device usage and your screen statistics and stuff.

And no, Face ID is different from everything out there. No facial unlocking technology has 3D face scanning, infrared imaging and depth sensing. It involves a lot of super complicated math and coding. So, don’t hate this wonderful tech without knowing shit and being blind Apple haters.


4 thoughts on “Why there is nothing like Face ID so far…”

  1. And you don’t be an Apple Blind Follower… Seen many posts of you regarding the greatness of Apple. Yes, of course I say that Apple is an amazing company but the times have gone when Steve was still alive and it really released exclusive iPhones and iPads.. PS- I’m not against any company or OS, just wanted to keep my point that no company is completely perfect and deserves to be blindly followed.

    1. Calling me a blind follower would be the least constructive thing. You see, unlike most people out there, I read a lot of stuff in a tonne of detail.

      So, say whatever you want to but I know a lot about this field and knowledge leads to my reasons for being an Apple fan.
      And Apple is one company that always will have blind followers simply because of the way it is and things it does. Every company has. So many people are Google’s blind followers. Or Microsoft’s. Or whatever. I don’t see people complaining about that.

      And if you have any bit of interest for technology, you would definitely appreciate the technologies employed by Apple.

      1. I’m really sorry if it was offensive to you in any way or so.. I truly appreciate your deep knowledge regarding technology. Just wanted to say that each and every company out there has its own positives and negatives, and being a blind follower to any of them will be harmful in the long run. And I truly appreciate Apple’s amazing technology.

        1. No you weren’t offensive. And well, blind following doesn’t work well. But look at the article… does it seem it’s by a blind follower? No, right? So this comment of yours was totally out of place, that’s it

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