KVPY, 2017 : A last minute checklist for all students

Finally, the exam approaches. No need to worry, though. I’m sure you all are well prepared (even though you feel you haven’t prepared as well. Trust me, it’s a feeling that every candidate faces sometime or the other and is completely natural). Time seems to be of extreme importance here so I’ll quickly dive into the basics.

Spend these next 2 days wisely. They can decide your performance in the paper, trust me. Regardless of how well you have prepared, these final few hours have the potential to make or break your rank.
What I would suggest is the following –

• Make sure you eat well, sleep on time and not play any risky sport or something. Health is of prime importance.

• Try not to think about the exam and it’s consequences, etc. It will only lead to added tension and pressure which would be purely artificial and would only tax your mental resources on unnecessary topics. So, stay calm.

• Practice a few tests and do whatever little revision is left on 3rd itself. Try not to study on the 4th.

• Spend the day before the examination in relaxing your mind by methods like meditation, etc.

• Visit the exam centre once, if you haven’t done so already. It shall help you plan out the timeline of the examination day.

• Pack your stationary well… Make sure all your stuff is in order, especially your documents. Check and recheck what all is essential for the examination so that you can carry it to the exam hall.

• Finally, just relax. You have done a great job so far, even though you might not feel as if you have. The exam is just a one day affair but the learning you have done is something that shall enrich your life till the end. Remember this.

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  1. Would you advise me to select the subjects for the Part II of KVPY SX beforehand or choose the subjects on the spot by seeing the question paper ?

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