KVPY 2017 : Reviews and Comments

Howdy all! This here is the thread for everyone of you to comment about KVPY 2017 : SA, SB and SX. Please participate and share your experiences with everyone of us, including  your views on the paper and how you felt you attempted it. Also, know that this gives an advantage to you as it helps you assess the crowd performance giving you a clearer idea about your selection and stuff. Please don’t hesitate. I would love for you to share your experience with this year’s paper.

Did you feel it was  tougher than last year’s paper? Or was it easier?

What do you think the cutoff would go?

Did anything funny happen at your exam center? Were you disappointed with the invigilators? Did pigeons disturb you? (Believe me, that happens).


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18 thoughts on “KVPY 2017 : Reviews and Comments”

  1. SA stream – section 1 chemistry was pretty easy -moderate and same goes for physics , 1 physics question was repeated I,e 2015 question which was allotted bonous mark that year .. maths was easy too but at the same time was lengthy .. bio this year was very less of of class 9 and 10 so can’s say it was easy hard or moderate but for a pcm students bio had new questions …
    Section 2- maths again was lengthy and few questions were pretty good and physics here was moderate to difficult ( because of 1 awkward electricity and mag question and 1 optics problem of which answer was not coming the terms of the options ) , chemistry was moderate here and again bio (no comments )

    For chemistry it was more of organic chemistry
    For physics it was prefect blend of class 11 and 12
    Maths – majority of geometry and number theory

    Overall the experience was quite good and also it was 1st computer based exam for majority of us … but is was not at all a problem rather it was a benefit over normal test .. the hype which somewhere disturbed me about jee advanced online mode is now completely over cause online or offline there is no problem in either of them and also in online we did not had to bubble the circle which was pretty good for me .. cause it saved time and also kept bubbling errors away ..

      1. Maybe because that was how the paper actually was and would have appeared to any student who had properly prepared for it?

    1. And that is a great thing. It’s pretty relieving to read your comment, man. I hope you did well. From the looks of it, you seem to have done pretty good.
      One thing I don’t understand though is why the biology section has been made tougher and not of 9/10 syllabus. This happened in ‘16 as well.
      Anyway, good job man 🙂

  2. I gave the exam in SX stream. In section 1 maths was easier than last year. Physics required out of the box thinking in many questions and was quite tough. Chemistry was more or less at par with last year with more weightage (almost 70%) given to organic. In section 2 physics was quite lengthy and maths was a bit tricky. Chemistry came to our rescue once again. Overall, i found the paper to be tougher than last year (that was partly because after attempting chemistry in part 2, I could not decide between maths and physics and ended up doing a few questions of physics and a few of maths thus being of nowhere) . Other chapters were also given weightage in physics as opposed to the normal convention (every year out of 10-12/30 questions were from modern physics and thermodynamics). Chemistry was flooded with organic and maths had a quite decent distribution covering all the chapters.

    1. So we can expect a reduction in cutoffs hopefully for SX. This seems to be a nice twist considering SA was pretty decent

      1. Hopefully, yes.
        Also about biology in SX which some of my friends told me was it was completely from ncert. They said that they have attempted all the 10 questions in section 2 biology. So, considering this fact that bio was easy , i think it would neutralize the effect of maths being tricky and the cutoff would more or less be the same as last year.

  3. Bro… i dunno if i will be qualifying for KVPY round 2 :(… Being a PCM student, I last studied bio 10 months earlier i guess…. so.. 🙁 ,,, I could do only 2 bio qs.

    And the other subjects didnt go well.. 🙁

    I’m KVPY SA.

    Well i guess i would not qualify as i found some calc errors in my maths 🙁

    What do u think Aakash Bhaiya?

  4. Being a bio student i can certainly say that the questions were difficult enough in SA , and certainly math student would have found them difficult.(they required in depth knowledge of the processes)
    Our organic chemistry had not yet started so i had just memorized the previous year reactions and their concepts and i was able to solve all but one of the questions. The math in part2 was quite tough but the rest of the paper was well balanced i suppose.
    I expect the cut off to be between 50 to 55.

    1. That’s interesting to hear. It seems to be a common perception around the board that Bio was tough and PC were easier. Also many of you felt Maths to be lengthy. I suppose this can lead to a cutoff lesser than 50 as well. Fingers crossed

      1. Yep. math was lengthy but few questions could be solved with hit and trial , the 4 options and the calculator .
        Cut off wont be that low cz bio students are fairing well …. i will probably get over 22 marks in bio and most of my pcb friends are all getting above 20.

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