What next for Prepsera?

When I started this blog around a year ago, I had a lot of reasons for it… I wanted to share my feelings about exams, about how to keep yourself in good shape, about how exactly to go forth in life, etc. I was hoping that I might get an audience big enough to voice my views out to everyone, to tell students that exams are not the end of the world, to tell parents that JEE isn’t the only thing that matters, and to tell the determined souls how they could prepare better.

However, it’s not been an easy ride so far. In such a project, optimism often runs low, as is my stage at this point. I see blogs with stupid clickbait articles getting more daily views than I get in a month. I see blogs just copying and pasting content getting more popularity. I see such blogs getting shared and liked by people. But not so for Prepsera. I don’t understand why.

Seems as if original and truthful content doesn’t have a big audience out there. Seems like everyone wants sugar coated click bait articles and lies. Seems like this might just end out to be another thing like me – Truthful, original, and yet never included in any group.

What would you do in such a case? Think about it. As the days come closer for the renewal of the website, I’m not sure what to do. Should I carry on or just… let it go?

It’s one thing I have put a lot of time and effort into. I just don’t know if it will even matter in the long run, though.

I’ve been looking at subscriber count : It’s almost flat. I’ve been looking at visitors per day : Almost flat. I’ve been looking at page views : Almost flat. And not high level flat.

I had to be honest to all you viewers out there. I never thought this post might be published. Times change though. And I no longer know what to do about this. Many of you share but I know the ones you share stuff to would hardly care to show their appreciation by subscribing or liking.

You guys won’t understand till you make a blog. It matters. It gives inspiration to work and write.

Think about it…

17 thoughts on “What next for Prepsera?”

  1. I have a small suggestion for you ,I feel the structure of the blog is too complex and the process of subscription, liking sharing are all tough for someone who has very less time in a day. But still I must tell you the posts are really very good ,the content is very new. So I suggest you to reshape this blog and see the change. But still the decision is yours

  2. The posts are really helpful. They certainly deserve an audience and some appreciation. What I suggest is that you should try to promote the blog where people are looking for this type of content. Take Quora, for instance. When you open the JEE topic on Quora, there are tons of people asking questions related to the exam, and there are tons of people answering them. If one out of those hundreds of answered is written by you, and you just mention the blog at the bottom, I reckon that this will surely increase the traffic. Same goes for technology stuff too. So in my opinion, you should promote the blog at places where our reaches a wider audience. Hope this helps.

  3. Yeah you wrote those answers but then completely stopped write. I came here through Quora.

    Also, I agree with Rahul that a little bit of revamping would help. Earlier (on the WordPress site) there was a recent comments section which was inviting (it was at least for me).

    1. Yes, cool. I will make some visual changes. Long time since an overhaul was done. Will restart quora again. Thanks for the suggestions

  4. Dude, all you need is more and more publicity and promotion of your blog. Quitting never helps… Always remember- Winners are not those who never fail but they are the ones who never quit.
    Lots of light and success to you!

      1. Well, one of the ways to do this is that you can use something like Google Adwords and Facebook which work on target customers.

  5. Hey this might be my first contribution here .I have found your posts really helpful .as a jee aspirant I have come to know things that a coaching class could never tell. You need not have such thoughts. Keep writing and I am sure your amazing content will get attention

  6. You are great !! You asked for suggestion , people suggested and you implemented … This is what differs you from ALL Others , you have written answers on quora , redesigned this webisite and what not ..
    Very high regards for you.

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