Indian National Olympiads Stage 1 : Your views

Hey all, how’s it going? The National Standard Examinations were held this Sunday (26th of November, 2017). Some of my juniors contacted me and told me how exactly it was easy in the case of Chemistry and Astronomy but not so in the case of Physics.

Now, as is the habit, I would like to know your views on the paper so that we can have a much more thorough analysis of the spread of scores and where exactly do you think you are standing? Will you clear it or not? This sharing of expected scores helps us all here. So, let’s do it this time as well.

Oh, and if you could please share this on Quora as well, it would be amazing. If the audience is big, the results shall be much more accurate as well.

Cheers !

18 thoughts on “Indian National Olympiads Stage 1 : Your views”

  1. Hi.
    I gave NSEB and according to the coaching institute’s answer key, am getting aroung 170…. so i’ll possibly clear it . Would you give me some tips for the next round?
    The paper this year was definitely more easier with more questions fact based rather than analytical as had been in previous years for the bio olympiad .

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