What is the right time to attempt FIITJEE GMP?

Another amazing one by Harish…. With some edits from my side as well. Normal font is Harish’s part while my edits are in Italics.

Before starting FIITJEE GMP, keep in mind that it has questions which are generally 50% tougher than the normal JEE-Advanced questions on an average.

The questions in GMP are mostly multi conceptual in nature.

So in order to solve the GMP, one needs to have a complete grip in more or less all chapters of that branch of subject (Like Calculus, Algebra and so on). Though a holistic knowledge of the entire syllabus is far far better in my humble opinion. I mean, that helps a lot.

So I personally would advice you to do the Archive (previous year papers of JEE Advanced) in January rather than the GMP.

The time between now and JEE Main must be utilised for revision of concepts, solving the tough questions that you have already solved from material/books, and giving a lot of practice test papers. Keep in mind that around 15-20 days would be spent for our Board examinations so that must be factored in your timetable as well. Some people may even take 30 days for Boards. Also, there are a few chapters exclusive to JEE Main which can take upto 15 days to cover. Hence, GMP is not a good idea at this time.

The best time perhaps would be around a week or so after giving JEE Main, helping you step up your level to the needed Advanced examination as well as giving you very useful practice.

By then more than 60% of your revision for Advanced will get over. So you can actually decide for yourself as to where you are lacking in your concepts.You can as well then decide how much you are lagging behind in your revision in Advanced and skip GMP solving as well.

The merits of solving the GMP are that you will be focussing on one sum and trying hard which can help boost your concentration levels. Also, if you solve a good question in GMP from a chapter that you consider yourself to be weak, it instils a lot of confidence in you.Do keep in mind that it is more or less a waste of time for those whose concepts are really weak or have scope for improvement.

The questions are higher than that of JEE standard so its not that useful considering the fact the amount of time you give in at that crucial stage and the knowledge you gain in return.

It also demotivates people before the Advanced so for those who get demotivated easily, GMP is not recommended.

Try GMP if you get a good rank in Mains and are really expecting a sub 500~1000 rank in Advanced (based on your Mains performance).

If your JEE Main doesn’t go well and your preparation isn’t very strong, I would recommend you not to spend time on GMP but focus on the areas where you have scope to improve. However, if your preparation was solid but you messed up your JEE Main owing to silly mistakes/calculations, then you may go ahead with GMP.

Finally, solve GMP only if you are sure that your main revision for Advanced is nearly over or that by solving the GMP you are not compromising on the time to be spent per chapter for Advanced.

I hope things are clearer for all of you guys now. Please spread the word so that everyone can benefit of this. All the best !


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2 thoughts on “What is the right time to attempt FIITJEE GMP?”

  1. very helpful
    now am covering my weak concepts and then boards will come
    so after mains i will go through gmp
    thanks for both of you

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