KVPY Interview : A comprehensive guide

Sorry for being so inactive but a lot of things have happened recently… a lot of work and some tragic events in the family. Anyway, here are my views on what is needed for the interviews of KVPY –

  • Keep your head calm and cool : But then, this is the golden rule of all interviews. Never let the examiner enter your head. Instead, dominate their minds with your thinking level.
  • You’re not expected to know everything : KVPY interviews test the interest and thought perspective of the candidates and not their absolute knowledge. The reason for this is that science is an open ended question, in essence. As such, an aptitude and ability to think is more important than knowing everything. After all, a researcher is supposed to prod and probe into the unknown and that’s what IISc needs.
  • Be confident : Even if you don’t know the answer, don’t give up. Make a strong, visible effort to think and solve the problem from what you know.
  • Be courteous : Never ever let the interviewers feel disregarded or insulted at any point of the interview. Always be respectful and treat them as they matter to you.
  • Have fun : The key to ace anything is to enjoy it first. So, enjoy the experience. That’ll make it amazing 🙂



Let me know what you think in the comments below !

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