Olympiads : Tips for Stage 2. Don’t make the mistakes I did!

I distinctly remember what prevented me from going off to the camp… in both the Physics and Chemistry Olympiad. Kind of a sad story in both the cases. Now, having faced defeat because of such events, here is a post for you all to not make any such events…

So Physics Olympiad… There was a question on Modern Physics worth 12 marks out of 50. The question had 6 parts, each dependent on the previous parts. Messed up an equation in part (b), lost around 10 marks in the entire question because of that. Missed the cutoff by 1 mark.

Chemistry Olympiad… There was a question on a Red-Ox equation worth 1.5 marks. Time had just gotten over and as I hurried over to write the equation, the invigilator snatched the paper away from me. Missed the cutoff by 0.5 marks.

These sort of misses hurt later on. Although at this point I don’t feel so bad about such mistakes (a lot of people who went to camp are complete assholes. So, I’m happy I didn’t meet them earlier than I had to). Still doesn’t take away from the fact that there are a few lessons to be learnt here –

  1. Solve all the parts correctly. Try to double check the earlier parts to prevent for propagating errors.
  2. Solve the easy questions first. Helps in preventing you from missing out the easy points.
  3. Apply these lessons to all exams.

Here’s to hoping a great year for everyone of you out there!

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