Evanescence : One of the most eligible Linkin Park successor

A lot of you must have heard of Linkin Park, the famous rock band which brought us new genres of music like Nu-Metal and Electric-Rock. While so many of their fans keep swooning about the amazing vocal quality of Chester Bennington (their lead vocalist) or the superb flow of Mike Shinoda (another vocalist, mainly doing raps and slower songs), a lot of people just seem to miss the point of Linkin Park. Just listen to their songs and try to feel the instrumental flow in the background. Feel the emotions conveyed by the music. While you’re at it, take a look at the lyrics. Try to feel what the lyrics mean and what they imply. Put yourself into the position of the singer… into the position of the person who is feeling all that is mentioned in the lyrics. Keep doing it for some time, and you shall be able to understand Linkin Park much better.

Although the songs by themselves are amazing and unique, Linkin Park attained fame because their songs brought out the angst, the frustration and the spirit of rebellion present in a significant chunk of the populace. Linkin Park, through their songs, gave voice to those who were burning from the inside and yet couldn’t put it in words. This is part of the reason why LP fans love them so much.

Anyway, enough said about Linkin Park. This post was supposed to be about Evanescence, and yet I keep rambling on about LP. Damn it, I love these guys. Anyway, Evanescence is another rock band. What makes them so similar to LP is that both have amazing instrumentals and amazing vocals. Amy Lee of Evanescence is probably what a female Chester would be like. Also, both have a darkness to a lot of their songs. Evanescence has a lot of songs about the mentality of people who are suicidal/in depression/having some mental disorder, as does LP. Both of them have amazing lyrics in their songs, and music which makes you feel every raw emotion.

The only difference points may be –

  • LP had a male lead vocalist (Chester Bennington) while Evanescence has a female lead vocalist (Amy Lee).
  • Chester used to scream a lot in LP songs to bring out the angst. At the same time, Amy goes into a real deep pitch and couples it with whispers to bring out the feeling of sorrow.
  • A fundamental difference is while LP songs are a lot about fighting and facing a lot of problems, Evanescence songs have a lot of giving up in them.

But that’s about it. To any music lover, these differences are just due to the different ideologies of the band members. However, that doesn’t change the fact that both have amazing vocals, amazing instrumentals, loyal fans, and deep songs (with a hint of darkness in a lot of their songs).

Still doubtful about my claims? Listen to – Breaking the Habit (Linkin Park) and Lithium (Evanescence)

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