Trick to KVPY final shortlists

It’s a very simple thing…. the way KVPY shortlists ultimately turn out to be. Read this article to know where you stand…

Note these few points –

  • The cutoff after the second round is usually 10 marks higher than the cutoff after the first round.
  • People who have a lead of 20 marks or more over the cutoff of the first round can go into the interview relaxed because even scoring a lowly 10 marks out of 100 in the interview will grant you the KVPY scholarship. And that much can be scored if you just show up there and tell the interviewers about yourself.
  • People whose marks are in the range of {Stage 1 Cutoff, Stage 1 Cutoff + 10}, be prepared. you need to ace the interview or else you may forget the KVPY scholarship.

Hope this helps. Conduct yourself and behave in the internship duly, based on where you stand according  to the cutoffs.

3 thoughts on “Trick to KVPY final shortlists”

  1. I didn’t give KVPY (due to some reason) but still I read all article about it (from exam to interview)

  2. Hello I am not a jee aspirant I wanted to help my brother who is very hardworking but I can’t because I am a commerce student. He is not going to coaching but he is very determined to get the rank under 100 . so he asked with his teachers but they said they can’t clear doubts other than jee he asked with his friends but they did not help him. By seeing his hardwork I suggested your blog (suggested by me friend to me) he asked your n.o but you did nor reply. Please provide your whatsapp n.o because he will get a confidence a air 95 rank guy is there with me to mentor me. Please I hope you will help him.

    Please message your whatsapp n.o to his gmail
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    Please provide your n.o and help him
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