Attempting the Board Examinations : A guide to cracking the CBSE, ISC, ICSE and State Boards

It’s the second week of February already which means that the Board examinations are almost due. As such, it is a common sight to see students frantically going over their class notes, stopping all forms of recreation, practicing hundreds of sample papers and altogether just cutting out their social lives. Relax, people… It’s not needed. You can score just as well by planning in a cool and composed manner… Want to know how? Keep reading. Also, please do share this with your peers who are giving the boards this year or shall be doing so in the subsequent years…

First things first. I don’t mean to sound repetitive but I shall just say this out loud once again – “It’s just an exam. Honestly! Take a chill pill, will you?”

Now, let’s get down to what actually matters… And what you really have come to this page for anyway. My points shall be simple, clear, concise and bulleted for ease of reading.

  • Keep your head cool at all times : There is a reason why everyone keeps stressing on the fact that it is just an exam. It’s all a game of psychology. If you ever feel that the board exams are a bigger thing than your talents, then the pressure shall dominate you in such a way that hurts you really badly. However, if you believe in yourself and don’t let the exams get to your head, you’ll dominate the pressure and beat the exams.
  • Revise a few times if concepts aren’t clear : This should be self explanatory really. Make sure your syllabus is done and you are just revising between now and when the boards actually take place.
  • Learn when to study and when to relax : Everyone assumes that continuously studying is the only way to ace the boards. Hell, that’s not even close. The thing that works is studying in concentrated time frames and relaxing in the remaining time. So, make sure you complete your daily syllabus targets but in such a way that when you are studying, the only thing you are doing is study and when you are relaxing, the only thing you are doing is relaxation.
  • DO NOT STUDY ONE DAY BEFORE THE EXAMS : All it does is increase the pressure on your mind. That leads to a reduction of confidence which in turn harms your performance on the day of the exam. So, make sure your syllabus is done at least 15-16 hours before the exam start time. This lets your brain calm down, enabling peak performance during exams. Disclaimer : Some people perform well under pressure. This tip obviously doesn’t apply to them. However, all the toppers that I know have adhered to this tip of mine.
  • DO NOT DISCUSS THE PAPER AFTER ATTEMPTING IT : Such things add to the mental pressure and hurts your performance in the subsequent papers, especially if you find out that you have made a blunder in the paper.
  • Attempt extra questions, if allowed : It is highly advisable to complete the extra questions given in the question paper as well (The optional ones). This is particularly helpful as board examiners allot marks based on a ‘best-of’ system and as such, if you have a few extra questions in your bag, it helps save your overall score from unintended blunders that you may have committed in the other questions.
  • Take a healthy diet : A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind.
  • Refrain from Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook : While some may count them as relaxation, these tools are nothing more than distractions and don’t provide your mind with any relaxation. Whenever you feel like relaxing, you could try out one of these alternatives : exercise, listening/creating music, spending family time (given that you shall be leaving soon for college, family time seems to be an amazing way to relax. Do tell your family to not ask about your studies in your relaxation time), and hanging out with friends (though not for long durations of time. 30-60 minutes a day with friends could be an ideal limit).

So these were my tips about the boards…

Do share this article with every person who is about to give boards this year or the next. Please let’s make this a whatsapp hit! All the best!


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