Peter Atkins Physical Chemistry : Use this if you want to ace IChO

Let’s start preparing for the International Olympiads, shall we? While much of the preparation shall be covered in the camps by themselves, you must be prepared beforehand if you want to be one of the 4-5 students who represents India at this amazing international stage… I feel that Peter Atkins is an amazing book for Physical Chemistry… Read on to find more…

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Now, on to the fundas… This book by Peter Atkins serves amazing purpose in clearing the advanced level concepts that shall definitely be tested in the international olympiads. I mean, I personally used it and my physical chemistry portions of the second stage paper went amazingly well. I just screwed up in inorganic because I had forgotten a few chemical equations. But as far as physical chemistry goes, you really cannot go wrong with this.

It’s understandable if you do not feel comfortable reading the entire book at this stage of your life. Now that is all good and fine. However, i recommend you to study the following sections of this book : –

  • The initial part on thermodynamics and gaseous state is an amazing read at the +2 level, especially if higher understanding and olympiads are your aim.
  • The last part on solid state and chemical equilibrium is recommended for everyone at the +2 level, especially for the olympiad aspirants.
  • The middle part on quantum mechanics is recommended for all those who expect to be selected for the camp and wish to make it big later on. Not useful for everyone else.
  • The subsequent part on statistical chemistry is another useful portion of this book for the students selected for the camp. Not useful for everyone else.
  • The part on spectroscopy is highly recommended only for students selected for camp.

Also, do note that a large chunk of what this book covers is taught in the first semester at the major IITs. So, it’s never a bad idea to go over this book in any case (especially if you have time).

Buy Peter Atkins here (click on this)



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