A very Happy Valentine’s Day… to all my single friends !

Okay, so I’m officially tired of all those memes which keep targeting us single people of being boring and having a sad life because we’re alone on a Valentine’s Day. Are these people even for real? To hell with all of you, we singles are all better than you…

So, like seriously, how are we sad for not being in a relationship? Sad that we don’t have to handle the fuck ups of a potential partner? Or sad that we don’t have the responsibilities that relationships come with? Or sad that we aren’t gonna get laid on Valentine’s… but oh wait, I’m sure 70% of you committed folks aren’t gonna laid too.

That being said, let us enjoy this day in it’s true spirit… by spreading love. Also, do remember that pink is not the only shade of love… Celebrate the love you have for your parents, your siblings, your teachers, your friends, your life goals, and every person who adds to your life. Make them feel special, cuz that’s what the Valentine guy used to do. He wasn’t the one handing out mints for sex, he was the one spreading love to the blind and the oppressed.

Love… And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Also, everyone who targets single people… Have fun now. Cuz when you have your dramatic breakups, we will be there. And we’ll be enjoying it then.

Nonetheless… Happy Valentine’s….

Apologies for the rant. Really had to get it out of my system.

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