Tools that every engineering/science student must have – Part 2

An engineering or science bachelors degree is no small feat. In fact, it is a huge accomplishment comprising a lot of learning, and a complete overhaul of the way our mind words and learns. As such, there’s a lot of stuff that is expected out of an engineer or a scientist… and there are a lot of tools we must learn to use, and use well. This guide is primarily meant for Tier 2 and 3 college students of the country as they don’t have the exposure that the old IITs or IISc have and as such, the students don’t know what to do. Such skills, as I shall point out here, are essential. Do learn all of this….

Let’s start off…

  • GNUPlot : After all, you do need to tabulate your results someday or the other. Once you perform an experiment or something, you need to tabulate results to see dependencies. GNUPlot is a very powerful and free plotting software and thus essential for any engineer or scientist.
  • AutoCAD : Love it or hate it, every engineering student has to complete courses on engineering graphics and drawing. As such, AutoCAD is a very helpful tool for all such purposes. Additionally, it is super powerful and used by professionals the world over. Definitely something you should add to your repertoire of skills.
  • C/C++/Python : Automating your tasks is the ultimate goal and this requires a good understanding of programming. Also, you shall be required to create a hell load of programs to solve various problems. Everyone is confused regarding the language to write the programs in. I would either recommend C/C++ (to attain an iron clad grip over programming concepts and practices) or Python (to write small and easy to read code).

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4 thoughts on “Tools that every engineering/science student must have – Part 2”

  1. Sir i do not have computer science in my course of class 11 and 12 and hence i do not know anything ..
    My want to pursue mechanical engineering
    So can you please suggest what should i do?

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