What IIT Bombay teachers really are?

So while you people on the outside really hear praises about the IIT teachers and the facilities, I for one am done with all this and this institution. Everyone is afraid about penal action and thus refuses to talk about the nonsense that IIT Bombay is. Here is something that happened with me…

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Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe : Perfect for NTSE, CAT, Bank PO and more

Welcome all to the book review of this wonderful book – Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe. This has been one of the best books I have used on this subject and I can tell you that I absolutely fell in love with solving it’s problems. A great testament to this book is that it really sharpens your mind. For example, during my NTSE preparation, I exclusively practiced from this book for the Mental Ability portion of the exam. Funny thing, though. The year I cleared NTSE was perhaps the first time that there were more scholarships available than the eligible candidates. Basically, 1000 kids were supposed to get a scholarship that year but only 750 managed to pass in the mental ability test. This lead to only 750 kids being awarded the scholarship. That was because of an extremely tough MAT paper (was of a CAT level). All I have to say that is thanks to this book, I did manage to clear the mental ability paper with ease.

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The last month to JEE Main

And here it begins. Do your board exams well people. It will help you get the needed confidence for the big exam looming ahead of you. Also do comment any specific queries here or on Twitter using the handle @PrepseraOfficia

I would love to make a reply post addressing all your last minute queries.