The last month to JEE Main

And here it begins. Do your board exams well people. It will help you get the needed confidence for the big exam looming ahead of you. Also do comment any specific queries here or on Twitter using the handle @PrepseraOfficia

I would love to make a reply post addressing all your last minute queries.


4 thoughts on “The last month to JEE Main”

  1. My state board are pretty easy and I can manage to get some time in between the exams. What do you suggest me to do like take exams, do specific material, etc for JEE ?

  2. I am using ms chouhan for OC ….
    Ex. If there is 150 qn in level 1 I am done only with 60 or so qns ….in every chapter except carboxylic …

    I want to ask you that for mains ….
    What should I do in OC …..
    I want to complete ms chouhan but had to do a lot of other things …
    So … I am thinking if for mains something else can be done then …even if I won’t complete ms chouchan completely ..I will complete it before adv ( starting from now )

    Overall. What can I do for mains ….

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