Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe : Perfect for NTSE, CAT, Bank PO and more

Welcome all to the book review of this wonderful book – Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe. This has been one of the best books I have used on this subject and I can tell you that I absolutely fell in love with solving it’s problems. A great testament to this book is that it really sharpens your mind. For example, during my NTSE preparation, I exclusively practiced from this book for the Mental Ability portion of the exam. Funny thing, though. The year I cleared NTSE was perhaps the first time that there were more scholarships available than the eligible candidates. Basically, 1000 kids were supposed to get a scholarship that year but only 750 managed to pass in the mental ability test. This lead to only 750 kids being awarded the scholarship. That was because of an extremely tough MAT paper (was of a CAT level). All I have to say that is thanks to this book, I did manage to clear the mental ability paper with ease.

Coming to the basics, Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe covers every sub segment of Mental Ability : Logical Reasoning, Verbal Tests, Non Verbal Tests, Analytical Reasoning and as far as I remember, grammatical correctness as well. In all, this is a complete package. The problems span different levels – easy, medium and tough. It helps to practice all the problems in the book because after that, you would be an expert in this – Logical Reasoning, Quant, etc everything.

Personally, I solved the entire section on verbal and non verbal reasoning and that helped me a lot. By the end of two years, I was really quick at solving MAT problems. Another good thing that came out of the huge collection of questions was that most of the questions in other question papers (of actual exams)  could be found in that book. So basically, there is a high chance that the question you just solved might come in it’s exact shape and form in the competitive examination you shall be appearing in eventually.

Another great thing about this book is that it sharpens your mind overall as well. So basically, it will eventually help you understand other concepts (of totally unrelated subjects) faster too. I can tell you that this book has the potential to increase your IQ (it did for me). So, go for it !

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2 thoughts on “Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe : Perfect for NTSE, CAT, Bank PO and more”

  1. Hi! I just discovered your website. I want to ask you a question. What is your opinion about using RS Agarwal Logical Reasoning book for NTSE? Can you suggest me some other MAT books that you found useful. I do not go for any coaching. So, I am searching for a book that is well explained and has a lot of practice questions

    1. I think it’s a decent book. I used it but it was pretty elementary so I went for harder books. Other books would be like Edgar Thorpe or something

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