What IIT Bombay teachers really are?

So while you people on the outside really hear praises about the IIT teachers and the facilities, I for one am done with all this and this institution. Everyone is afraid about penal action and thus refuses to talk about the nonsense that IIT Bombay is. Here is something that happened with me…

Leave apart the frustration that teachers here anyway have with us (for no apparent reason), this one specific incident occurred with me. So we have a course this semester which is being taught by the Head of EE Department, BGF. He asked us for our feedback a couple of times about other courses and how he could help address our problems. Sounds helpful, doesn’t it?

Well, I for one spoke out in that class and outlined him certain problems that we have been facing in other courses. That was something I think that doesn’t go well for IIT teachers. Even after that, we did not get any of the promised help from the HOD. In addition, all those who had requested him for his help started being targeted. He would make us answer questions on things we didn’t understand during his lectures, and if we didn’t answer, would literally shout at us. Not only that, very recently he said this pointing straight at me “I am disgusted by the body language of people like this in the class”. What was I doing? Peacefully listening to his lecture and taking notes. Others who were half asleep, or talking with friends or using their mobiles were spared. No, I was the devil despite doing nothing wrong just because I had asked him for some help regarding another course.

Two years in this system and all I can say is this… Some pretend to help you but won’t help you. Rather they would target you back for daring to ask for help. Most don’t care about you as a student. For them, you could be dead or alive for all they care. Some are helpful genuinely but they are the ones who have just joined this system. After a few years in, they too get corrupted by this system and join either of the two categories listed above.

Also, this isn’t an IIT Bombay problem. It is an IIT problem.

So for all the IIT teachers that come in the first two categories (~90% of all teachers), fuck you all and may you rot for this attitude of yours. There is a reason why we leave this country and people like you are one of the most important reasons.

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