Regular study for school or just a sprint before the exam?

An interesting comment I found here on Prepsera and this is something I think should have come to me as well. It is a pretty essential question and a dilemma faced by a lot many kids who are preparing for competitive exams. So, if I were you, this is what I would do…

Before making any decision, we must keep a few things in mind.

  1. Are you preparing for competitive examinations like JEE, BITS, NTSE, KVPY, NEET, or other private engineering exams?
  2. Or are your aims set on attaining a foreign education via exams like SAT, TOEFL, etc?
  3. Or do your interests lie in an education from a liberal college within the country, say DU colleges?

Three scenarios and I will try to answer each one of them individually.

Scenario 1 : Preparing for competitive exams

Pretty easy to answer this one. As a lot of your course content shall overlap with your coaching study material, it makes absolutely no sense for you to daily study topics taught in your school. However, if you are a slightly weaker student, it may not hurt to occasionally glance through the school books once in a while. If I were in your place though, I would not study regularly for school and would let myself trail off in the school syllabus. One week of preparation before the school exams combined with regularity in your coaching classes  is more than enough to grant you great marks in school exams.

Scenario 2 : Preparing for education abroad

Pretty easy to answer this one as well. You as a student need to focus a lot more on improving your grasp of the English language here. Mental aptitude and science questions asked in examinations for foreign admissions are pretty easy to do and so won’t require too much of your study. However, you can go through these books for the same –

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You will need to work on basic coding skills. That helps you a lot in such examinations. Also, you people need to get social service hours (very important) and a lot of extra currics (really helpful as well).

Scenario 3 : Preparing for liberal universities like DU

Yet another no brainer. As most of these universities rely on board examination marks, just revise stuff taught in your school once or twice a week or so and take the remaining time to work on your hobbies or with your friends.


Hope that clears your questions.



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