FAQ’s on Time Management

As you might have noticed, I start off my articles with a short incident or something. Well, it is just to inspire you all to work hard and utilize your time well. Many people lack a guiding light, and i believe that the incidents i retell will serve as a great Beacon of Light for you.  14 June, 2016 : A wave of applause rocked forth through the hall. Students gathered around the stage, fighting to come close to their star of the year, Aakash Kapoor. Another star, from the previous year’s success, was also there -Sahil Bhargava. I presume that by now, you would already be knowing these two guys. If not, look here. As is expected at any felicitation function, the audience was eager to know what had propelled these two to the place of their dreams, IIT Bombay. 

However, the most frequently asked question was :“It is already June, the course has started, but i still do not know how to manage time. Due to this confusion, my test scores have been quite low. What to do?” 

Other Questions Include :

  1. Sir, please chalk out a timetable for me. I am unable to manage time.
  2. Whenever I start studying/practicing any one subject (say, physics), then I keep solving it only. I am unable to find time for other subjects thereafter.
  3. I attend school daily, which usually lasts for 6 hours. For that, I have to wake up early. After that, I have to rush for coaching, which usually lasts for another 4 hours.I come back home, tired, at 9 in the night. How do i study for a long time after that, considering that i have to sleep early as well?
  4. I did not study for the whole of class 11th. Now, I am in class 12th. How do I study so that i can still clear JEE?
  5. How do I manage class 11th revision while studying class 12 syllabus?
  6. I am unable to find time to daily revise the topics taught in class. 
  7. My entire time is spent in completing my Homework. How do i carve out time for self study?

Did any of these questions arise in your mind also? 

If yes, read this post of ours on Time Management….

Mohit Ryan

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  1. I take admission in fiitjee south Delhi weekend but it wastes my one day to there , so should I get transfer to Punjabi Bagh centre or remain in it

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