CBSE Paper Leaks…

As always, there has been a paper leak of at least one of the board exam authorities. This time, though, it has been the biggest of them all to come under fire. CBSE. I for one do not think that this is sustainable… the system must change

The first thing that I fail to understand is the very ethos of these paper leakers. I mean, do they even think twice before doing all this.

  • First of all… given the number of leaks every year and how quickly they are caught, i are they so naive to think that they wont be caught?
  • Also, if these people think that they can benefit from selling leaked papers, they must be sadly mistaken. After all, leaks on such a large scale are never left undetected. In case of any unscrupulous activity, these people are liable to be heavily fined and jailed for the same. As such, I see the risk/reward ratio to be particularly abysmal for these miscreants.

Now, if you are a student who has been affected, you must not panic or lose your mental stability at any point. Your preparations may be thrown out of whack for a couple of days but do know that you have worked for it hard for the last 2 years and so nothing is going to be wrong. Everything will pan out perfectly in the rescheduled exam. Just do not worry. Relax and revise. It will be all right

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