Here’s a fun one : Let’s have a poll

Okay so this is a fun one. I’ve been asked a lot of questions by my friends and so I thought of making this post. Let me know your views and questions here… also share with everyone. I’ll answer with a yes or no as regards to your comments.

So the topic is :

What all do you think cannot be done on iOS that can be done on Android?

Share this one everywhere… Make it viral…

4 thoughts on “Here’s a fun one : Let’s have a poll”

  1. I can Install Custom ROM on my Android phone, whereas in iPhone I can’t…. Google Play store is much better than App Store

    1. First point is valid. Not sure how it is useful as I find stock Android better than any custom ROM.
      Second point… No. App quality in the App Store is much much better than the Play store

  2. What according to you would be the best source to practice Multiple correct type Q. (MCTQ)…because past year papers seem to have a lot of heavy type of MCTQ(multi conceptual, specially Physics) ….Moreover the books available in the Market have straightforward MCTQ…I am not finding them helpful…Thanks

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