JEE Main 2018 : What are your reviews of it?

Hey everyone… especially those who’ve given JEE Main this year… could you please share some of the questions and intriguing concepts that you found in this year’s JEE paper? Also… let’s have a discussion because that will help you out for the exam finally. As well as your juniors.

Another humble request… please please get everyone you know and has written the paper or plans to do so to comment on this post. It will be a great resource for your juniors and for you to look over how you can improve… with my tips included.

5 thoughts on “JEE Main 2018 : What are your reviews of it?”

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  2. For me ,this paper is the toughest in jee main since its inception .What I feel is none of the three subjects were tough, easy as well. They were of an average level, all 3 of them . This is really rare because every year you can easily find one of the 3 easy ,you can finish it in no time and give time for other 2. But this year it was like with whatever you start you are going to screw it well . And a special feature of jee was introduced last year ,lengthy maths paper . Frankly I felt this year’s maths like solving A Das Gupta. Simply to say you need to prepare for jee advanced in order to fare well in mains, because even mains has become unpredictable since 2016 . That’s what I felt

    1. Everyone feels their paper was the toughest ever. So this reaction from you is exactly what everyone does every year. Also, the screwing up well thing is called overconfidence and lack of an exam temperament. If you have that, then it will be all fine.

  3. well what i felt that the paper was tougher than last year. i constantly used to score 250+ in my mock tests butt during the exam i panicked and now i am scoring just 194 marks

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