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It’s the time of the year again when new books are demanded for by the new batch of students. So here is this post for you guys updated for this very currentyear. Please do share a lot. Ladies and gentlemen, here is a roundup of  the Best Books for JEE Preparation that you can use to get the edge over your competitors. Note that the combination of these books is complete and you just need to study/practice them. You need no other book or study material for your preparation.

So, anyways  I am here, you are here, this article is here. Gosh! If we are all here, why aren’t we talking? Let’s start off (Take a breather before i fire away…. you will need it)

So, these are the books i recommend for JEE. Buy them, as nothing beats studying the concepts from good books. They help you in understanding the subjects easily. For your convenience, I have added links to these books down below. Have a look, and buy them without a second thought. It will be worth it.

Book Links :McGraw Hill Mathematics for JEE(Advanced) – 2015 EditionH.C. Verma : Concepts of Physics (Vol I)H.C. Verma : Concepts of Physics (Vol II)Irodov : Problems in General PhysicsKrotov : Physics Problems

Physics : Well, this is the subject that demands intuition and imagination from you. Plus, you have got to be very very clear about the theoretical parts of Physics. Have no illusions about it. Most of the students practice Physics numericals, not theory. They think…. “If we have a good grasp over numericals, theory will be strong anyways. Also, JEE is objective too..why will they ask theory?” 

BE VERY CLEAR… The JEE paper setters know this fact. They will definitely ask mind- boggling theoretical questions. Hence, theory is not to be neglected. Right, so what books should be followed?

  • Concepts of Physics (H.C. Verma) Vol. 1 & 2 – Definitely the book to follow for theory. Make sure that you solve each and every question of the book, solved and unsolved. I mean, i did all the exercises. And it helped me a lot…so, you should do it too.
  • Problems in General Physics (I.E. Irodov) :This book will make you sweat. Keep in mind that this is at the Olympiad level, a step higher than JEE. So, only attempt it if you have the requisite level of confidence. However, it will give you a deep interest and understanding of Physics. The more you do it, the more your physics concepts strengthen. This book got me addicted so fast, my day felt incomplete without it.

Some people use D.C. Pandey. Although it is a good book, i would not personally recommend it. These 2 books mixed with any coaching material is ample for JEE.

Mathematics : Perhaps the toughest of the 3 subjects, Maths requires a high level of intuition, imagination and rigorous practice. Also, stick with one book and repeat it as many times as possible. Maths demands a lot of revision too. So, these are the books you should follow 

  • Comprehensive Mathematics for JEE Advanced (McGraw Hill) : This has got to be one of the best books of maths i have seen. This book has graded exercises by which it is able to gradually increase your level in the subject. If you keep your mind open and fresh, you wont’t even know how fast you have increased your level from a basic level to JEE-Advanced level. I used it, and loved it.
  • Problems Plus in IIT-Mathematics (A.Das Gupta) :Another classic for JEE. This is arguably the toughest book out there for JEE, and the tricks given in it are really helpful for JEE. However, the better questions are of subjective type. Hence, this book does not really prepare you for the paper pattern. On the other hand, this will give you an unmatched skill in maths. I have personally used it during my preparation, and grew addicted to it.

Some people also use Educative JEE Mathematics (K.D. Joshi). It is an excellent book for those who fear maths. One of our team members used it… he hated maths early on but after using this book, he began to love maths. I used it too. However, i already had a good grip on maths. So, it was not of much help to me. 

Basically, use a combo of 2 books : Anyone of A.Das Gupta or K.D. Joshi (based on your skill level) in the first 18 months of preparation (or till course ends). Thereafter, follow McGraw Hill to get habituated to the paper pattern.

Chemistry : The easiest subject of JEE syllabus. However, Chemistry involves a lot of patience and memorization skills.I know, loads of kids run away as soon as they get to know that things have to be memorized (I disliked memorization). However, if you know the correct material to follow, Chemistry becomes very easy…and most of all, very scoring. It will help you get a good score at JEE. So, let’s look at the set of books that i feel are essential for JEE….

  • NCERT Class XI and XII : They are of prime importance in Chemistry. Any chapter that involves memorization in Chemistry must be studied from NCERT. Do not neglect this book…it will be extremely helpful. I mean, literally..this book has the best RoI (Return on Investment… friends having a background in finance will know 🙂 )
  • Organic Chemistry (L.G. Wade/Morrison Boyd) : I have followed both of these books. However, i have found that L.G. Wade is the book more suited for JEE, while Morrison Boyd is more suited for higher studies and the Chemistry Olympiad. L.G. Wade had a lot of problem solving tricks that help a lot for JEE. I also saw stuff in L.G. Wade that has been asked in JEE. However, no other book had written that thing in their text. So, i recommend L.G. Wade for JEE Organic Chemistry.
  • Physical Chemistry : Bruce Mahan or K.L. Kapoorcan be followed for theory…if you want a higher level than JEE. Else, for basics, coaching notes work well for theory. Practice is more important for Physical Chemistry, and for that i recommend 2 books… R.C. Mukherjee to develop a good level and understanding (to be followed for first 18 months of preparation) and N.Avasthi to get habitual to paper pattern. Do these, and revise them. You should be good. I have solved both of them. 
  • Inorganic Chemistry :NCERT is the godbook here. If you are thorough with NCERT, go for Concise Inorganic Chemistry (J.D. Lee) for much more knowledge. However, J.D. Lee is good mainly for Olympiad aspirants… nothing very helpful for JEE aspirants. I have used both, though.

But, you know what ? Much more important than these books is how well you prepare, how much you want to clear JEE, how well you use time and how motivated you are. Now that you know what books to use, start preparing well. Remember, the goal is as tough as you think it is. Best of Luck, Aakash Kapoor (AIR-95, JEE 2016)

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  1. Is the book “Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry” by MS Chouhan recommended? How would you rate it’s difficult and syllabus coverage according to JEE pattern?

    1. I would highly recommend it.
      This is because it helped me develop a good level of understanding in organic chemistry. Hence, i would recommend it from personal experience.
      See, it covers the entire syllabus… a good thing of it.
      You have all the possible types of questions in it…another good thing.
      Thirdly, each question invokes concepts. If you are able to solve questions while understanding what concept has been used, then organic chemistry will become extremely easy for you.
      It’s difficulty is over hyped, i believe. The level is exactly what you need for JEE. So, go ahead with it…solve it and master organic chemistry

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll definitely use the book for problem solving now that I have a positive review. 🙂

        Another question : LG Wade : Organic Chemistry available on Amazon has been edited by Maya Shankar Singh. Is that the edition that has been recommended in this article?

    1. Well, at IITB, i have met a lot of friends who have cracked jee by only studying NcErT in chemistry. However, it is important to know that another of their subject was strong nd that helped them

    1. Well, practice is the best thing to strengthen GOC. It works for all chapters of organic. The book i recommend is MS Chouhan Advanced Organic Chemistry.
      Make sure you work it out in such a way that you know concept behind all questions.
      And repeat that book… Atleast 3 times

    1. Himanshu pandey is a good book. However, it does not touch all the concepts you would need. Moreover, it can have wrong answers. As such, i would not recommend it. Better to spend your time and money on MS Chouhan

      1. are you talking about “ADVANCED PROBLEMS IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY”by ms chauhan
        or “Wiley’s Solomons & Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced)”

  2. here’s my strategy for advnaced

    physics: cengage, coaching modules and irodov
    chemistry: inorganic- ncert and op tondon(will study only main topics from this book)
    organic – solomons and fryhle or lg wade (based on your suggestion) , coaching modules , himanshu pandey (for practice)
    physical – coaching modules , p.bahadur
    maths : cengage , das gupta , coaching modules

    (i am good in maths and physics but bad in chemistry)

    can i get under 1000 rank if i follow these books?
    (i also have fiitjee phase test and aits papers . i will solving them after i complete my course)

    please give me some suggestions
    thank you

    1. I never followed cengage but loads of my friends here at iit bombay did and they recommend it highly. So yeah, your book choice is great. Himanshu pandey can be ditched in favour of Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry by MS Chouhan, which i used. LG Wade is better than solomons so go for it.
      Seeing tht u r bad at chemistry, i guess NCERT cover karna would be a good strategy.
      And yes, you can get even a 2 digi rank with these books, provided you work smartly enough.
      As far your pper strategy is concerned, it is perfect.
      So, this is what i would say. Look at other articles too based on what you need…


  3. I followed the books I mentioned but I am still not able to score good in coaching you know what I might be doing wrong

    1. Well yeah, i guess i do.
      You are worrying too much. Practice practice and practice. It takes time and sustained hard work. After some time, your results will start improving. For sure.

  4. Hi Aakash
    I just wanted to ask that when we start revising for our monthly coaching exams, should we practice new questions or just do those ones which we didn’t get in the first attempt? (Given limited amount of time, especially concerning physics)
    Thanks in advance

  5. hello i was brought here by mohit ryan’s quora post. i need some help concerning the following things
    But firstly here are a few things what i am doing for the various exams so that you can help me more appropriately
    1. I am not attending any formal coaching however I have tutions for pcm subjects.
    2.I have joined resonance aits and out of
    for mains and bitsat (not advanced) and in my mains test series i am getting a decent rank of around 250-300 out of some 2000 people who are writing the test series.
    3. I am planning to write the bitsat test series after mains because i currently can’t prepare for two separate papers which have got different syllabi.
    4. i am using the following books for the test series
    1. hc verma-physics
    2. tmg for jee mains
    3. ncert plus bank of state level question for chemistry
    4. what is the right number of questions a person ahould mark in mains to get a decent score and how to keep negative marking at a minimum
    could you please hammer in some of the imperfections in my plan so that i can have better performance.

    PS i am aiming for a decent score in mains (190-200) and a good enough bitsat score so that i can get into msc maths @ bits goa
    (maths is my passion)

    1. Well, see… BITSAT and JEE Main do not differ much… Look at me, i never prepared for bitsat ever.
      Your book choices seem pretty good… See the books post for some better books.
      Your rank is decent but given that most kids are not giving the test series u are giving, u need to improve still.
      Mark questions as much as you know… Do not take negative marks.
      Try for a better score in jee main… This one might not help u.
      As such, if you want to score around 200, aim around 230 so that under any unforeseeable circumstances if something goes wrong, you still have a buffer of 30 marks that might help you.
      It is just mind games….
      And for bits goa, it’s not tough…. It is easy to score 350+ in bitsat anyday so… Just practive previous years papers.

      You are not going to coaching… No worries. Just because everyone does something, does not mean they are doing it right. If you make an attempt am understand concepts, coaching has no use.

  6. Ddid you manage to complete all these books while the chapter was done in your coaching institute ? If not which books did you complete and did you do any coaching institute packages along with them?

  7. Hey,there are many wrong solutions&answers in comprehensive mathematics of jee advanced.What should I do about that????

    1. Well, i did not find many wrong answers there. Confirm with solutions. Often those are right in the case of wrong answer key. Misprints occur at times. So, try to manage.
      A book lacking in mistakes is A Das Gupta. Buy that one too for additional practice

  8. well i am in 12 and going through irp(intensive revision program) in vibrant where my rank is near the top 100 and scores near 200 in mains paper. i drive huge help from physics 100 marks or so. i have solved ie irodov and did dc pandey. in maths i find a lacking (lots of silly mistakes) same in physics barring me from the full score. please suggest

    1. So, read the questions in the paper more carefully. This will help you avoid silly mistakes to a large extent. I mean, it helped me a lot.
      By the way, if you want an awesome JEE-Main rank, aim for marks around 280-300. This is because you should consider that Vibrant is one of the so many coachings of India.
      Anyways, do not feel under-confident because of this.

      And make sure you strengthen other parts of the paper as well, specially chemistry (easy marks). You need a backup in case your strongest subject fails you in the actual exam.
      All the best 🙂

  9. Hiiiiii,
    Its piyush actually i have not joined in any coaching classes is this help me to to get rank in jee
    since iam solving hcv very carefully
    and rd sharma for maths
    and p bahadur for chemiscurrently im in 11th . Guide me to boost my level up

    1. Okay…so u might need to take a correspondence course. It will be quite helpful truth be told.
      As far as your book choice is concerned, use irodov too if u can for Physics though if u can solve everything of HCV then it is perfect.
      For Maths, you need a tougher book. Start using TMH or A Das Gupta.
      For Chemistry, i would suggest buying the books given in the links in this article. Only the best books are recommended here by me so go for them.

      Look at the independent chapter review articles and comment if you find issues in those units.
      If you want even further support, go to the contact us page to personally communicate with Prepsera’s team.
      Though we would prefer thr blog comments.
      All the best,

      1. Any suugestibe way to solve irodov. Actually i have this but failed to solve
        even o solve my hcv goodlly. I have itodov of gcb publication.
        which book i go through lg wade or ms chawan and one more thing i am usin g pradeeps physical chemistry for theory and numerical from numerical chem by p bahadur
        is it boost up my jee prep

        1. Irodov…just don’t jump to see solutions. try to do it as much khud se as you can.
          lg wade for theory and ms chouhan for practice. Buy from above links… don’t waste time searching for the correct version online.

  10. When are the notes and material of bansal classes and fiitjee etc are going to be uploaded? Mohit Ryan Sir wrote on quora that they will upload it on Prepsera this month…..

  11. Hey! I just wanted to ask that how much is the difference between the 8th edition of LG Wade and the 6th edition(the one edited by Maya Shankar Singh). You see the costs vary and the original version costs a bit less than the other one. So please help me to buy the correct version.

  12. Hey! I just wanted to ask that how much is the difference between the 8th edition of LG Wade and the 6th edition(the one edited by Maya Shankar Singh). You see the costs vary and the original version costs a bit less than the other one. So please help me to buy the correct version.

  13. Hey! I just stumbled upon this blog a few days ago and GOD I wish I knew about this blog earlier. It would really mean a lot to me if you could help me out. I am a JEE 2017 aspirant and I’ve been through coaching classes for the past 2 years. I used to score 200 on an average. My past 2 months were totally consumed in pre-boards and proficiency exams and I feel really stupid for not focusing on JEE. My problem is that I feel like I don’t remember much from the coaching and my study notes and materials are NOT COMPLETE. So considering I have February for my preparation, suggest me the books that I can go through in this small amount of time to get a decent score around 200.
    P.S. I currently have NCERT, HC Verma, and previous year JEE question bank.
    Thank You!

      1. Alright! Thank you very much for the quick reply. It really means a lot. I just sent you a mail with the subject – “Mail in response to Aakash bhaiya’s reply to rtomar1999’s comment”. Thank You!

  14. Should I use skills in mathematics for calculus by Amit aggarwal or just rely on rd and coaching package (fiitjee ) for concepts and for practice book suggested by you bhaiya . Thanks

  15. Is fiitjee package + rd + tmh + a das Gupta enough for problems and conceptual knowledge or we should use arihant series

  16. Bhaiya i am in 11th. Going to appear in jee 2018 .At present i am following these combination.
    Maths- tmh+ rsm
    Chem- ncert + rsm
    Physics- dc gupta rank booster physics for problems + resnik halliday for theory

    Bhaiya this combination is good/ enough for getting good rank in jee or not ? and if you can suggest any other combination pl. Suggest.

      1. Bhaiya i want to discuss with you regarding my jee preparation. If you can please give me your contact number. It will be helpful for me.

      2. Thanks bhaiya for your suggestion.
        I have one more question. Ncert is necessary only for inorganic chemsity or for physical and organic also with fiitjee rsm?

  17. Hello,
    How is theory portion in Fiijee Rankers Study Material for beginners ( Physics, Chemistry And Mathematics) specially chemistry and physics portion.
    It is best for practice only or for both theory and practice.

      1. Ok. If someone is only going to coaching for jee preparation ( non attending school). Is it possible to get good marks in 12th cbse board exam by solving only previous years papers two months before board.
        And which will be the best way to prepare for board exams to get above 90+ in board for a non attending student.

      1. Ok. If someone is only going to coaching for jee preparation ( non attending school). Is it possible to get good marks in 12th cbse board exam by solving only previous years papers two months before board.
        And which will be the best way to prepare for board exams to get above 90+ in board for a non attending student.

  18. I have HC verma and IE irodov , by chance I got all books of DC pandey . How to use it along with them or just use it as reference

  19. Hello I have completed most of the reference books for jee .i am confused that whether I should solve fiitjee GMP (grandmasters package)(I have completed the review booklets),or whether to solve fiitjee aits problems or should I focus on basics or advanced level problems of fiitjee aits in the months of March ,April ,May .or another other material please suggest?

  20. Hi thanks for the reply .for example ,I have completed irodov (selective questions for jee) for physics (practised it twice) even then I am finding fiitjee aits advanced problems difficult and my sirs at fiitjee are not able to solve the same and they say to leave it .is it right to leave some problems of fiitjee aits?i also have a doubt that for a top rank as you achieved one should focus on basic books that you mentioned above or should I focus mainly fiitjee gmp or solving questions from fiitjee aits ? I have done selective problems of gmp and I am able to do it quite effectively .i want a rank like yours for this what more should I do in the remaining few months? Thank you

    1. FIITJEE AITS Questions are a bit overkill actually. They tend to be way more difficult than JEE ever will be. So, yeah. You can skip such questions of the AITS. And in case that’s the level of the AITS, i would recommend you to revise your basic books then. For additional practice though, do see the Single Correct Objective questions of GMP of each subject. Those are good questions and not so tough. I am saying GMP just so that you stay in touch. Additionally, there are FIITJEE AITS in the time between Main and Advanced. So, give those. These ones are easier actually and you should score well in them.

    1. I used to study 3-4 hours. So mainly I would complete the homework questions and revise the theory quickly. I didn’t study future topics. Just revised what was taught.

  21. Hi should one focus on higher level problems of fiitjee aits or on basic books in the time between jee mains and jee advanced?

    1. Firstly, it is rotational motion. Secondly, yes. What have I mentioned? Did I say do one chapter from HC Verma or study Physics? Man, this is a stupid question to ask

      1. Sir.. I have. Done all hcv two times ….I have asked that is it enough for jee Advance or should I do irodov .. I have also done Fiitjee package … So is it important to do irodov to get good rank in JEE advance….

          1. Sir…I am asking that do I want to go beyond hcv and fiitjee package for any topic …. Especially for rotational motion

          2. Firstly, comment at one place and not at random places.
            Secondly, I said you can but it is not necessary. In some other place where you commented, i replied tht you can solve irodov or higher books if you feel like but they are not necessary.

          3. And as far as your question is concerned… you have asked me whether you want to go beyond hcv and fiitjee. Well, only you know what you want

        1. Sir,
          Where are the question in LG Wade…To mean the problem given at the end of chapter and the examples ….Are those sufficient for JEE advance…

  22. Which book should I do g.Tewani or KD JOSHI …. My maths is weak and I will not be able to do A Das Gupta so help me …….I have done Fiitjee package …
    Another question:- Is there individual cutoff in JEE advance …. Means suppose I get good marks in physics and chemistry and get 0 in maths then will I clear jee

  23. Hi how should one prepare after jee mains ?is fiitjee gmp and rtpf sufficient to get under 500 in jee advanced 2017

  24. Please also give some tips on what to do after jee mains ?how to proceed like whether to revise complete chapters or just solve papers?

  25. Hey Akash, I have bought all the necessary books for JEE recommend by you and your team (after a second thought and research ofcourse) and am going to start my JEE preparation from today, which will last for another 2 years. I hope your best wishes are with me. This has been a great site for guiding the students. I just wanted to thank you all for all the help.
    One last query: Actually I use to have a lot of doubts in class or while studying myself (probably that’s cuz I think a lot) , I think doubts are the fundamental parts of learning ( as said by Richard Feynman) . If I am not able to clear my doubt from anywhere can I ask you all? ( As you all have studied these things and you may have gone through the same doubts during your preparation).
    And if yes where will I ask?
    (It would be a great help)

    1. Nice. Our wishes with you 🙂
      So well, ask doubts from your teachers mainly as they will be able to help you better. Other than that, we’ll try to help you in case you have no avenue possible. Send us a mail at

      1. You recommended me Peter Atkins for physical chemistry but some of my classmates are saying that it is completely unnecessary for 11 th and 12 th and for JEE as it consists of all research level discussions . I know that to some level that book is advanced but is it completely unnecessary or just a few topics are out of the box. I am a student who will move for research after 12 th so I don’t mind studying the topics in depth even though they are not in the course. The Q I want to ask is will the NCERT books and Peter Atkins suffice for reading the theory or I should also keep with me books like op tandon for ready reference?

        1. See, let me be clear. If you say that you strictly are studying for JEE level, then you can do so without Peter Atkins. However, it helps a lot for your Olympiads and other exams as such.
          In my case, it had helped me get added interest in the subject and gave me a drive to learn more. Also, some things are pretty neat. Like the first 4-5 chapters. Other than that, I don’t expect you to touch them. Keep in mind that in IIT first year, we end up covering around Chapter 7-20 of Peter Atkins fully.
          Also, NCERT and Peter Atkins won’t suffice. Keep Peter Atkins as a side reading
          Book and use N Avasthi or RC Mukerjee as a major book along with NCERT

          1. OK.. thank you… Along with JEE I am also preparing for kvpy (mainly).I have already started solving RC mukerjee. It’s a fantastic book with a nice approach of doing problems. N avasthi for later. Thanks again for the quick reply.

  26. Hii , which book should I use now for JEE Advanced 2017 for maths.I wanna take a quick glance of concepts-key points-tricks n then practice some imp questions chapter wise.

  27. Hi I am Dhruv going to appear for jee this year .should I focus more on gmp or basics after jee mains?as my sirs are telling to focus on basics for iitjee but I am interested in fiitjee gmp as difficulty each year increases and it might help me a lot .please advice

  28. How to do revision for advanced?Shoud I read theory parts also n see the imp questions which I marked during preparations from basic books like HC Verma n then go for AITS questions along with prev yrs?

  29. doing new books would be beneficial now for Advanced 2017 ? For Eg. I solved Arihant books by SK Goyal n Amit M Agrawal whole yr .But revision from them feels hectic. As they have too detailed descriptions .Can I move to MC Hill now?

    1. Don’t do anything new in the last month. Just revise old concepts again and again, strengthen weak areas and give mock tests.

  30. I want to learn calculus for understanding physics better, which book should I consider if I’m in XIth(calculus isn’t in syllabus)?

  31. If I want to practice jee chemistry questions, would tmh comprehensive chemistry (advanced) be a good choice, or would Lee suffice(means I need to be more patient)?

  32. I’m a IIT-JEE 2019 aspirant and student of Rao IIT coaching classes. I am aiming for a top 300 rank. I want that rank anyhow. I am very serious. Will the following books be enough for achieving that rank.
    Physics : .NCERT+HC Verma+IE Irodov
    Maths : RD Sharma+TMH+Arihant
    Chemistry :
    Inorganic : NCERT+JD LEE
    Organic : L.G. Wade+MS Chauhan
    Physical : O.P. Tandon+RC Mukherjee.

    Any tips from your side are most welcome.

  33. After coming home from classes, my whole time is spent in doing homework. What should I do? How should I do self study?

  34. Which among Arihant and cengage series is better for <50 rank. Please don't reply neither is required cause I have ample of time to solve any of the above and want to ensure that no good book is left unsolved


      1. I am sorry but i didn’t get it. R u saying it depends on the author of the book??

        i just wanted to ask which among cengage(b.m sharma) and arihant(sk goyal and amit.m.agarwall) series is better for jee

        1. Well I would go with neither. And would go with McGraw Hill. If i Have to chose, I’d go with Arihant

  35. I am a JEE 2019 aspirant. I am using RCM for solving problems in physical chemistry. Should I buy N Avasthi too and start solving it will it be more helpful to start that book after I have completed the course. Note: I don’t get much time as I have also taken coaching and am also preparing for kvpy so completing the class Xi and some parts of class Xii th course by October is my first priority.

    1. Yes! You should do so. It will help you a lot given that you have a lot of time for your preparation now. I would suggest preparing for JEE mainly, as KVPY PCM is covered by it. All you need to do is complete Bio for KVPY.

  36. If I start solving TMH after completing my coaching’s package, should I solve the examples too or straight away move to the unsolved exercises?

    1. It’s not needed. The questions are pretty overlapping or similar. Better use McGrawHill for objective questions practice

    1. That’s your preference. However, lg wade is more of a basics book and has certain things that Sykes doesn’t. A combination of the two is the best option imho

    1. MS Chouhan Advanced Problems for Organic
      N Avasthi Problems for Physical
      VK Jaiswal Problems in Inorganic Chemistry

  37. Why N Avasthi is considered a good book ?
    Its level 1 contains so many useless ques like what is pH ? etc
    Though level 2 and 3 are worth trying.

    1. Not everyone has the same level of intelligence. N Avasthi is good as it builds your level through graded exercises

  38. Which l.g wade is better the sixth edition that comes by lg wade with maya Shankar singh or the new 8th edition that has just lg wade?

      1. Thanks☺
        Is coaching booklets, A Das Gupta & TMH in the last 6 months sufficient?
        Don’t I need to buy arihant series?
        Can I avoid rd sharma

        Thanking in anticipation !

  39. Should I solve the “Questions for short answer” given in Concepts of Physics after the end of the chapter? (Since it has no solutions)

  40. I have started solving TMH and I have found that nearly each and every question is unique and I end up star marking nearly every question. What should I do?

  41. JD Lee is very diffused, how should I collect all the relevant articles of a chapter, also can I consider Solomon’s instead of LG Wade?

    1. Do it any way you want – Solomons or LG Wade is your choice.
      Read Jd Lee and collect material by making notes of only relevant things to syllabus

    2. I also faced the same problem so I got the adapted version of JD lee and it is very very good ,it contains all the relevant topics and also few question are good

  42. You told that HC Verma and IE Irodov are sufficient. Then from where should we practice as there are little number of questions in these books.

  43. I had been told that fiitjee material (RSM) is becoming less useful for cracking JEE Advanced for the past few years. Since you have used RSM, do u think that what I have been said is true ? Are the model of questions from RSM being asked in JEE these days ? Can I rely upon the problems of RSM (along with some of the books you mentioned) for getting a really awesome rank in JEE ? Also, how is resonance material when compared to RSM ? Sorry for too many questions.

    1. Personally, I found it pretty good. However, I will be writing a review of the FIITJEE material soon now. Many people have this confusion and I think that a review of the material is highly needed.

  44. Some questions:
    1) Why is it that if I solve a problem now, I forget it after 15-20 days? Then I’m not able to solve it.
    2) My Maths is extremely weak. So, which books should I use?
    3) What would you prefer: Solving 1 good question 5 times or 5 similar good questions 1 time or anything better?

    1. 1. Maybe Because you do it for the sake of doing it and not understanding/thinking about it while solving.
      2. The ones I have mentioned
      3. Whatever suits the situation. I would do both.

  45. I am planning to take drop this year , assuming that I have sincerely attended my JEE coaching for 2 years and I am pretty strong with my JEE Advance basics , shall I order a correspondence course from resonance or just purchase the books recommended by you ? Please reply ASAP

  46. I am little uncomfortable with the books you have suggested for math so I want your review about Arihant and cengage which book should I choose among them

  47. Suppose I study for 7 hours a day. Then which of the following options would be better?
    1. Devote 2 hours per subject and 1 hour for revision.
    2. Devote 3 hours for clearing concepts, 2 hours for solving problems and 2 hours for revision.
    3. Devote 3 hours for clearing concepts, 3 hours for solving problems and 1 hour for revision.

    1. Whatever gets you the most efficiency and helps you the most. Such decisions should be taken Yourself as they depend person to person

  48. Suppose I study for 10 hours a day. Then which of the following options would be better?
    1. Devote 3 hours per subject and 1 hour for revision.
    2. Devote 4 hours for concept clearing, 4 hours for problem solving and 2 hours for revision.

    1. Within 2 minitues I.e from 11:59am to 12:01 pm your number of hours of study increased from 7-10 cool.
      Well I don’t understand why you people ask such a question why you either want to completely copy someone who is successful or get spoon feeded, if you devote 10 hrs to study how you get time to question such questions? And don’t you feel number of hours to assign to revision/theory/problem solving is something one should developed on their own and even if you assign you some number of hours you can’t follow it cause
      1)it can happen you aimed today at completing equilibrium of forces, then think about it if you assigned 2/3 hr of concept reading then from where are you going to get so much concepts about this chapter, cause theory for this will hardly take half an hour and is problems solving, so what I mean so say is don’t fix number of hours just study them according to need
      2) if even Akash Kapoor(bhaiya) provide you some statistics it may be convenient from his side it can happen that he got concepts in few minutes but you can take hours to understand cause these things vary from person to person.

      I never wrote such long answers but this is something I see very offen even in my coaching few people come up to me and ask such things so I thought this is really required.

      Conclusion:- don’t go upon fixing hours even don’t set limits to study hours just decide a topic to be done in a particular span, complete it and enjoy the rest( don’t take very small topics for long period and enjoy the rest time )

      1. Nice comment. I like your thinking and the way you answered this. Your points are completely true and valid. As I also said, such decisions are personal.

  49. Sir..I am in 12th now and didn’t solve anything except coaching material in 11th. Should I solve:1. TMH or A Das or both?
    2.N Avasthi or RCM or both?
    I am preparing for JEE Advanced 2018.

        1. He meant out of THM and A Das Gupta you should solve any one of them and same goes for N Avanti and RCM

  50. Do I need Irodov’s Solutions?
    (Wiley’s Solutions to Irodov’s Problems in General Physics – Vol. 1 and Vol. 2)

  51. Did you use Bruce Mahan/KL Kapoor? If yes, how did you find it?
    Btw congratulations for prepsera’s 1st anniversary! Ive read all of your posts, and youre a real genius! Btw I’m in class 10 now, and I think PCM interests me.I will work really hard in class 11 and 12, and get a good rank in JEE, is it good that I am making a strategy for it from now? I open the Internet only when travelling in a public transport.

    1. I used KL Kapoor and Bruce Mahan in parts… both were advanced but good. Do them only if you can master the basic books


  53. Which organic chemistry (book / combination of books) should I use to understand the topics from basics to advanced level. ( peter Sykes/ lg.wade / Solomon / Morrison Boyd )

    1. No. Don’t do the similar questions. See the solved ones and solve objective questions when time is an issue

  54. I’m using the following books for JEE Advanced.
    1) Physics: HC Verma, NCERT, DC Pandey and IE Irodov.
    2) Maths : NCERT, Cengage.
    3) Physical: RC Mukherjee and N Awasthi, side by side. Also NCERT
    4) Organic : LG Wade. MS Chauhan. If time permits, i will once read Morrison and Boyd.
    5) Inorganic : NCERT, JD Lee, VK Jaiswal.

    Can I rely on these books for a very good rank?

    1. Books doesn’t matter too much , every student use same type of book , how u work that matters . So stop wasting time here.

      1. Books matter… As does how you work… Trust me. I used the wrong books once and worked the right way but failed in an important exam. So, both matter

  55. 1. Is it better to complete the whole series of a particular author/publisher? I mean, should I study everything from one good publisher or study different books from different series?
    2. Should I go out of the syllabus if I am completed with the syllabus and have time in hand? Are advanced books the way to a top rank in JEE? Many toppers say that they studied from advanced books and this helped them to get a better rank.

    1. Complete the entire syllabus, whether from one publisher or multiple. But don’t do the same chapter again and again.
      If time is completed, then you may go out of syllabus on the condition that you are absolutely perfect in the syllabus and can answer any questions from the syllabus. Else, practice. And advanced books don’t help that much

          1. Bhaiya, could my message be delivered to you?

    1. That’s a very good joke. Aman is not related to this blog in any way. All that you see here is made by me and my brother.

      1. But, Aman once said that you both are friends and he is soon going to write on Prepsera. Also in one of your posts, you said that he is coming on Prepsera.

        1. It’s just that he isn’t directly related to the blog. He can be contacted by me to write one article at some time

      1. Oh, I am sorry, I was not joking. Aman is from my school, so from somewhere I heard that you and him are good friends and so I thought that he designs the website and you add the content. I thought only a cse guy can design this website. I am sorry.

  56. If Maths::RD Sharma/Educative Mathematics KD Joshi, Physics::? and Chemistry::?
    (I need a book equivalent to the level of RD Sharma Maths for Physics and Chemistry that starts from 0 level like NCERT)

      1. What if I need even easier books?(I’m an absolute beginner. Will I be able to understand these books if I do NCERT and NCERT Exemplar?)

          1. Will you please tell about the complete set of books you used, the order in which you completed them, and a rough idea of when and how much time it took you to complete those books?

        1. This is reply for your post at 2:55 pm

          I guess this post is completely about which book he used so why you want him to repeat the answer will the answer change if he answer in the comment and the order to solve , how it is going to help you , you should developed your own order according to your potential and preparation status , and how much time he took to complete is the most irrelevant question among all 3 question , if he would have solved in a week would you be able to do same . Please don’t copy other try to learn from others method but finally develope your own method.

          Also he is help us a lot so stop troubling him with a lot of irrelevant questions..he also has many work to do just clearing jee is not the end of all struggles..

          1. Note that I am, in no way, copying anyone. I have not yet started my JEE preparations(I am in class 10). I am simply trying to get an idea of the optimal preparation a serious JEE aspirant does in 2 years. So, I need bhaiya’s help for that.

  57. I am not getting time to solve irodov. But I am solving coaching sheets ( contain previous year fiitjee aits questions). Is it fine along with hc verma , modules , jee papers .

  58. Sir, I need to know if Tmh advanced also covers jee mains portion or do I need to go through other jee mains books prior to solving tmh ?

  59. 1. Does JD Lee become a necessity/beneficial if someone is aiming for a very top rank?
    2. Does Morrison Boyd become a necessity/beneficial if someone is aiming for a very top rank, after doing LG Wade and Sykes?

      1. Someone has suggested me to buy the revision books available in Markets and revise from them instead of making notes. Is it a good option?

  60. I want to solve A Das Gupta. But I don’t have much time to devote it so I want to ask you that which questions of a Dasgupta are very good it solved examples or the questions present in the exercises please be honest because I am already following a book but I want to solve tough questions from a Dasgupta so which will be better?

      1. 1) What did you do when you encounter very tough question mens saying that question just no idea comes to your mind?
        2) Same question for RC Mukherjee? Which are better solved or unsolved because after it I want to do N Awasthi completely so I am thinking to do only one part from RC Mukherjee.
        Am I doing Right?

        1. 1. Kept trying at couldn’t solve it after a lot of tries, I would ask my teachers at the coaching.
          2. Unsolved of RC Mukerjee are at par with Solved questions, so it’s your personal choice now

  61. What is the best time to solve the exercises of books such as HC Verma, RC Mukherjee, N Awasthi? While the chapter is being covered in the class or after the whole chapter is completed in the class?

          1. Which questions are relatively tougher from level 1 questions of N Awasthiand solved questions of RC Mukherjee. Sorry but I don’t know as I bought them now only and that’s why I’m asking you

  62. I want a physical chemistry book for concepts of chemical kinetics with indepth explanation that covers all jee topics as well as Olympiads. Which out of the following is best Bruce mahan , kl kapoor , ebbings gaming.

  63. Is there much of difference between KD Joshi and A Das Gupta? Or should I try both? Please briefly tell me about KD Joshi. Thanks! 🙂

    1. A Das Gupta is much more problem based and KD Joshi is much more concept based. If you are weak in maths, KD Joshi would be much more helpful than A Das Gupta

      1. Would you suggest original one or adapted one?(asking because here you mentioned adapted one is better and the post suggests the original one).

  64. Aakash bhaiya, what motivated you to prepare for JEE? You even prioritised study over sleep and exercise, so there must be a big reason! 🙂

  65. Would you suggest original one or adapted one?(asking because here you mentioned adapted one is better and the post suggests the original one).

  66. Book for organic qns…. I have msc …i am not able to solve that aftet thoroughly reading lg wade…. Ps : i do not go tution for chem
    Plz ..i want to master organic chemistry

    1. Keep practicing and thinking. It takes a lot of time and perseverance to master organic chemistry. Don’t think that you will be able to do it in one go. You need to keep doing it again and again

  67. My teacher has told me to repeatedly do questions which are good. Suppose today I did some 50 questions and I have to do them 10 days later. What if the tenth day coincides with my coaching day? How will manage time then?

      1. We should repeatedly do questions at least 2-3 times. So how do I manage that revision of questions during coaching days?

    1. It is. I removed the stress by simply not taking any stress in the first place. Like, I would take frequent breaks and would study only 3-4 hours a day

  68. I am in the same situation as you were during your Jee preparation. I too have only 3 hours for my preparation. How do I utilise those 3 hours to their best? What did you do in those 3 hours of preparation?
    Please help.

    1. Well man. I suppose, be focussed. That’s all I can say. I mean, there is only so much that I can say, right. When you study, just study and other times, keep your mind off it. Basically, focus on what you do. It will be useful

          1. 1) Which is better for Theory? Bruce Mahan or KL Kapoor?
            2) Did you gave NSEP in class 11th or class 12th before sitting for InPho? Sorry to ask, but I searched a lot and still I’m confused about it.

      1. 1) How many subjects did you studied per day on coaching days? Just revision of class notes or did you also study the third subject?
        2) How did you managed to solve FIITJEE material by studying only 3-4 days?

        1. 1. Usually 2. Sometimes even 1.
          2. I studied 3-4 hours a day, and I managed to solve that material simply cuz it wasn’t much too different or difficult as compared to my coaching material and could be done easily. Most of objective exercises were done orally. They’re that simple, really

          1. 1) Suppose today you are taught a topic in physics and you are given some homework. Now in that homework, out of, say, 40 questions you are able to do only 20 questions. So would you try to do those remaining 20 questions the next day or on the weekend or just leave them? What would you recommend me to do?
            2) How do I know that which things in Inorganic Chemistry should I memorize?

          2. 1. Would try the questions later
            2. Memorise everything in ncert and the things frequently asked which you can see from previous year question papers

          3. Should I do the questions of JD Lee or just read theory and skip them and solve VK Jaiswal for questions?

  69. Bhaiya!! My physics and maths is pretty strong but chemistry is something that put my marks down .. currently we are studying portions of physical chemistry and I feel I am a bit weak on it .. I am able to solve level 1 problem of n avasti but stuck sometimes in level 2 and I can clearly fell that this happens due to lack of concept clarity and thus my theory portion is something that trouble me ., so should I follow theory of op Tandon or use Bruce mahan or k.l Kapoor .. cause I want to make my chemistry super super strong cause it is the only barrier in my path as of now ..
    Any suggestion/ advice for perfection of it will be great!! ( not required if you are busy )

  70. In which coaching institute were you?? And did you follow only your coaching material or did you solved other coaching materials too??

  71. I want to study concepts and truly understand maths( Im not only studying maths for jee I’m studying it for myself) I have kd Joshi which is great ( thanks for recommending, just what I wanted )but It doesn’t have entire syllabus so which book has good theory as well as problems, cengage or arihant ( especially for the algebra part)
    Thank you!

    1. Can go with either as most books are good. I did like McGraw Hill a lot but have heard a lot of praise for Cengage, so it’s up to you. See, content shall be similar but the more you practice, the better it will be for you

  72. Should I go for magazines like spectrum / MTG or resonance material along with hcv+DC pandey for Phy and reso material for Maths along with Amit M Agrawal diff and integral calculus +previous yrs a good choice for Jee?

          1. 1) Which branch of Bansal Classes did you attend?
            2) Which book did you use for revision of Physics?

  73. I hv used op tondon for chemical bonding ,periodic properties ,coordination …..
    But for p block etc I found it huge……
    What for.these topics ?

    NCert … any thing else ?
    (I hv a book for question for practice.)
    Just need the book for theory

    PS my aim under 100

  74. Between RC Mukherjee and N Awasthi which would perfect for jee mains level.I have heard that RC Mukherjee contains easy which one should I prefer?

  75. Answer honestly …

    Did you solve only ms chouhan ?
    And one more thing lg wade has lot of rxn missing ..perkin cannizarro etc. What for these

  76. In lg wade chapters like goc( i effect , M effect ,etc) are not present so from where did you read it also the chapters are named differently so are all chapters required? Or only selective one and the topics also seem a bit different so how did you manage with it ?

    1. I read them from coaching class notes. You can use a combination of books recommended to you or borrow notes. Best is to practice from my Chouhan and see the logics used. That will prepare your GOc well

  77. Which is better for Jee physics Reso material (no detailed theory but a good amt of questions) +hcv or D C pandey understanding Phy series +hcv?

  78. Which among vmc , fiitjee and Bansal Classes have best study package for physics , chemistry and maths individually for jee advanced?

  79. Can you please tell which chapters of LG Wade should I read for JEE Advanced? I had referred syllabus, but still I’m unable to find out.

  80. General doubt :-
    In physics along with cengage I use to solve “new pattern physics” by arihant and many of my weekly test questions come out of it so in exam I find many of questions which I have already solved so I do not have to think much for those questions in exam ..
    So I was thinking is it good to continue with that book or not .. cause in actually exam jee I don’t think I’ll find many familiar/exact questions and thus I should have a habit of getting used to the surprises in the exam..
    So please give your valuable suggestion on whether I should continue with that book or not ..

    1. You could try doing different papers to get the surprise element. If the book is good, don’t just abandon it this way

  81. Can you please rate the difficulty of Bansal Classes modules ..
    For chemistry , physics and maths individually .
    1. Easy
    2. Moderate
    3. Tough
    4. Brian storming

      1. Thanks for very quick reply! Well I have heard that bansal materials have questions at par with fiitjee material in terms of difficulty ? Is it not true ?

  82. Currently I’m using HC Verma and DC Pandey for physics. But I have heard from a lot of people and even from some of the top 100 rankers that the exercise of HC Verma is simple and a waste of time. So I am really confused. Even Aman Goel said that it is just a basic book and even he did not solve it completely. Please help me.

  83. 1) Books like JD LEE and Cengage contain huge amount of information. So, how to go with it? Memorize everything or just 1 time reading?
    2) JD LEE before or after VK Jaiswal?

      1. Thanks for the reply. But even in the adopted version of JD Lee there are many concepts which are out of syllabus. So how to deal with them? (Not interested in olympiads)

        1. Can be smart enough to know your syllabus. Some work has to be done by you in selecting what is in syllabus and what isn’t

  84. Sir, I’m in 11 and go to a local coaching (vidyalankar if you know)
    I found Vinay Kumar series very good as they suit me ..for theory purpose as my coaching teacher of algebra and calculus doesn’t teach much theory..the questions in it are also of good level.. so I’m using
    Algebra- Vinay Kumar +coaching material
    Calculus- Vinay Kumar+ coaching material
    Vector, Trigonometry and Coordinate- Arihant +coaching material …I have Kd and I will try to at least finish level 2 sums of TMH
    is the collection good enough?
    Should I not use VINAY KUMAR?
    Please give your valuable suggestions
    Thank you

  85. When did you solve hcv ? Was it the first book which you solved after/before class for physics or did you solve it after coaching materials ?

      1. Which coaching Institute’s materials did you solve ? Did you find them helpful ? Do you think they were par with the level of standard books like cengage , arihant ?

  86. I have heard a lot of people saying that we should attempt the questions through fundamental concepts and basic principles. Can you please write a post on it or create a video on it, so that we can understand how to apply fundamentals to tough questions?

  87. A das Gupta problems in maths subjective one is better or mcq by a das Gupta maths for practise view.
    Currently I am in class 11 th resonance kota

  88. I feel hcv , dcp and cengage all have one motive I,e to get you clear with the basics and help you build problem solving approach .. so after solving cenagage topic wise book and irodov do you think I should still solve hcv as you said in the above post it is a must and also it helps getting hold on the concept … so what do you think I should still solve hcv after solving cenagage ?

  89. Hello , please specify the book name of kl Kapoor for physical ,as he has written many books on topic. Please reply soon

      1. Do you recommend that 5 books, are they at level of jee or above, I googled kl Kapoor and found a book by him on jee by tmh publications , please tell that book is good or not.

  90. hi
    i want a book for organic chemistry which contain basic to advance level
    ( only problems)
    which one you prefer

  91. Why ms chauhan advanced according to me one should solve it in class 12 . It’s questions contain many concepts from chapters isomerism , hydrocarbons in goc . This book is not overhyped.

  92. sir i will provide my phone n.o so u can mentor me
    and also please give your gmail id
    pleasee say me how can i call u
    because i dont have any teachers or friends to help me and i am all alone preparing for jee
    please i beg u to guide me throgout the year
    so i can get rank under 50

  93. Is there any book in maths which contains subjective questions of the same level and arrangement as in hc verma’s physics book?

  94. Feeling so saved after seeing this blog. Help needed. Please check this plan and I would sincerely appreciate your opinion.
    1 Physics and chemistry ncert + maths rd
    (ADV THEORY – phy cengage, chem grb op tandon and fryhle and Solomon’s and maths from Amit m agarwal Arihant series)
    2 Physics HC Verma + cengage bm sharma
    Chem n awasthi, VK jaiswal, ms Chauhan for practice
    Maths cengage g tewani
    3 Then all jee adv archives
    4 past 10 yrs test papers of jee mains and adv
    I am a dropper and no coaching or tuition just started coz it’s faster and efficient for me in self study rather than coachings as tried before pls advise me for the best rank possible, may make you laugh but I am trying for a 2 digit rank.
    Warmest regards.

  95. Ms Chauhan (problem book) and rd subjective are used herein the plan, also this plan is based on the fact that I get full error free books with solutions if really needed

  96. Ms Chauhan here is advanced problem book and rd is subjective while keeping archives are arihant past 38 yrs selected jee questions

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