A short guide to completing your backlogs

Often times, we end up taking more time doing a specific chapter or unit than was planned in our timetable. As such, it leads to creating a backlog for us… and that is quite harmful for our overall preparation strategy. Here’s a guide to clearing backlogs…

  • Remember that minor modifications to your existing timetable may be sufficient for a single chapter backlog. No need to panic at all.
  • For every chapter you’re lagging in, add 0.75 hours daily to your regular studies for one month. This is for up to 3 chapters.
  • If you lag in more than 3 chapters, add 35 minutes daily for x/2 months (where x is the number of chapters you’re lagging in).

Simple as that 🙂

3 thoughts on “A short guide to completing your backlogs”

  1. Ok well i dont have that much months either and my goal is to clear kvpy with a good rank to get into IISC oops I need some help. Can you help me??

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