JEE Main now has 2 parts. What do I even do?

Personally, I found this to be the most bizarre thing announced this year by whoever handles the JEE decisions now. However, it does have some pretty powerful and useful implications for a lot many of you with it not necessarily being a bad thing. Hear me out… 

So, here are the things that I feel this decision has caused which might be of help to a lot of you – 

  • You can have a bad day, but maybe not two. For a lot of us, a bad luck day coincides with the exam day leading to a subpar performance from us on the exam day. However, if it’s a best of two attempts type of exam, such events are minimised for the most of us and it’s only the really unprepared people who will have a low score despite it being the best of two attempts. So, this is a pro for a lot of us. 
  • You will have lesser stress for boards. If you are well prepared, your JEE syllabus would have finished around November and so would be pretty fresh in your mind. This way, if you manage to get a decent enough score in the first JEE Main, you would be assured of a chance in the JEE Advanced and this will remove a lot of pressure off of your head, enabling you to do your board exams with the assurance that you can sit for the JEE Adv
  • More preparation time for JEE Advanced and BITSAT. Now that your JEE Main scores have come around 200 in the first try, you are mostly assured of a chance to appear for JEE Advanced. As such, you can start off preparing for JEE Advanced from this very moment itself. 
  • Giving the same exam two times will help you handle exam stress with much more confidence and thus boost your JEE Adv scores as well.


As soon as your first JEE Main is done, I recommend all of you to start off with these books as they will give you the edge for the Advanced paper. I say this because I prepared from these books during the months of January to May and this helped me boost my rank up quite a bit. (Buying links given below. Please consider buying from these as it helps me pay for the domain and server hosting fees needed for Prepsera. I don’t make money from this and need this to continue the website) – 

  1. JEE Advanced Previous 39 Year Paper Collections – Chemistry
  2. JEE Advanced Previous 39 Year Paper Collections – Maths
  3. JEE Advanced Previous 39 Year Paper Collections – Physics
  4. Comprehensive Mathematics for JEE Advanced – McGrawHill (The reason I got the highest marks in Maths out of my three subjects. Amazing book)

Let me know what you think in the comments below !

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