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Learn How to Manage Time Efficiently !

It’s a million $ question…. How to manage time… Specially while preparing for competitions.

I would like to advise you, as i advise all my students, to firstly RESPECT TIME. 

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1 = 10000 ! Confused? Don’t Be !

If I have realized one thing over time, it is that your rank hardly matters in the due course of your life. Be it any exam, the calibre of the top and bottom ranker might be different slightly but they possess certain factors that stay common and consistent throughout. Like determination, dedication, sincerity and hard work.

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How to clear JEE in a short time, viz 3-4 months

I was a regular school goer all my 11th and the first two months of my 12th. I was not attending any coaching. I had a enrolled in a test series (FIITJEE I think) and got volumes of material which I would occasionally flip through. A decent performance at school level academics kept me oblivious to the time I was losing. Fast forward 10 months and I was battling it out against all the engineering aspirants of the country in a gruelling 6 hour JEE Advanced test that changed my life. I want to convey through this piece of writing that it is possible to get a decent JEE rank in a short time provided that one is ready to accept the challenge and dedicate his time and efforts. Continue reading How to clear JEE in a short time, viz 3-4 months