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Indian National Olympiads Stage 1 : Your views

Hey all, how’s it going? The National Standard Examinations were held this Sunday (26th of November, 2017). Some of my juniors contacted me and told me how exactly it was easy in the case of Chemistry and Astronomy but not so in the case of Physics.

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What next for Prepsera?

When I started this blog around a year ago, I had a lot of reasons for it… I wanted to share my feelings about exams, about how to keep yourself in good shape, about how exactly to go forth in life, etc. I was hoping that I might get an audience big enough to voice my views out to everyone, to tell students that exams are not the end of the world, to tell parents that JEE isn’t the only thing that matters, and to tell the determined souls how they could prepare better.

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KVPY 2017 : Reviews and Comments

Howdy all! This here is the thread for everyone of you to comment about KVPY 2017 : SA, SB and SX. Please participate and share your experiences with everyone of us, including  your views on the paper and how you felt you attempted it. Also, know that this gives an advantage to you as it helps you assess the crowd performance giving you a clearer idea about your selection and stuff. Please don’t hesitate. I would love for you to share your experience with this year’s paper.

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Inorganic Chemistry : Part 1

Wanna know the secret to an awesomely insane rank ? Well, Inorganic Chemistry is the answer. Don’t be surprised… Read on…

To Make it easier for you to study inorganic chemistry, we have divided it into three parts: In this part, we shall talk about those chapters of inorganic chemistry that need understanding of concepts mostly and hardly any rote memorization. These are – Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds and Metallurgy.

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Algebra : Theory of Equations, Matrices and Complex Numbers (mainly)

Algebra… The study of the one and only ‘x’, the ever unknown variable. Just kidding, algebra is much more than just all this. Although many books differ in what they classify algebra as, I am going to use algebra to basically cover the theory of equations, complex numbers, matrices, sequences and series, and a few minor chapters. Time’s of prime importance and so, let’s be on our way to discuss this essential unit of JEE-Mathematics syllabus. 

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Learn How to Manage Time Efficiently !

It’s a million $ question…. How to manage time… Specially while preparing for competitions.

I would like to advise you, as i advise all my students, to firstly RESPECT TIME. 

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Calculus 202 : Integral Calculus for JEE-Main and Advanced

Let’s head up to the second portion of the Calculus portion of JEE Syllabus. The tricks that we have mastered and used while doing the differential part of calculus shall help a lot in Integral Calculus. After all, Integration is just the inverse of Differentiation. However, it gets a bit more interesting than that. Differentiation of functions can be easy, sometimes even implicit. However, Integration for the most part is not elementary. Let’s head on to the individual chapters and the books that we are going to need for this high-weightage unit of JEE Maths syllabus. 

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Organic Chemistry – Nucleophilic Substitution – Alkyl Halides

I will be very honest with all of you. I didn’t start my journey of organic reaction mechanisms with the standard method. Usually, kids start of mechanisms with Hydrocarbons (addition/free radical substitution, etc). I started my journey of Reaction Mechanisms with Nucleophilic Substitution reactions. The chapter was Alkyl Halides and there were a number of concepts to be learned – Sn1, Sn2 and Sni reactions, along with the use of Neighbouring Group Participation (NGP). These are definitely the OST important concepts of this chapter and enough attention must be given on them.

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Mechanics – The most conceptual part of JEE Physics

Mechanics is undoubtedly the most conceptual part of JEE Physics. In fact, the entire two year syllabus revolves around mechanics. While the exam paper has about 30% direct questions from mechanics, it is safe to assume that the paper also has another 30-35% questions indirectly involving mechanics. That’s a whopping 60-65% of the paper based on one single unit of Physics! Basically, what this means for you, the candidate, is that an absolute mastery over Mechanics is essential for a good rank. Also, keep in mind that mechanics CANNOT be mastered in a month… it needs about 8-10 months of rigorous practice to fully grab the concepts of mechanics. So, if initially, you cannot understand mechanics or solve its questions, don’t be disheartened. Most of the kids have trouble understanding mechanics.  Continue reading Mechanics – The most conceptual part of JEE Physics