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Here’s a fun one : Let’s have a poll

Okay so this is a fun one. I’ve been asked a lot of questions by my friends and so I thought of making this post. Let me know your views and questions here… also share with everyone. I’ll answer with a yes or no as regards to your comments.

So the topic is :

What all do you think cannot be done on iOS that can be done on Android?

Share this one everywhere… Make it viral…

JEE Main 2018 : What are your reviews of it?

Hey everyone… especially those who’ve given JEE Main this year… could you please share some of the questions and intriguing concepts that you found in this year’s JEE paper? Also… let’s have a discussion because that will help you out for the exam finally. As well as your juniors.

Another humble request… please please get everyone you know and has written the paper or plans to do so to comment on this post. It will be a great resource for your juniors and for you to look over how you can improve… with my tips included.

Think… : A humble request to everyone of you.

Hey guys, what’s up. There is this amazing amazing blog that I found out recently… I would love it if you could head out to that blog and have a look at it’s articles. They’re amazing works of art, and the two authors over there are amazing! Please please please subscribe to that blog for amazing literary works and also do get your friends and all to support the two authors as well. Literature is their passion and your support would mean so so much to both of them. Please do check out : Think… (Click here to see the blog)


EDIT : Fixed the links. Should be working now!

Apologies for the comments section

You must have seen your comments not getting published on the site of late. Well, I realised that my spam filter had misconfigured itself on it’s own and had been blocking everything. Also, I was unable to see this because i can only access these configurations from the desktop site and not in the mobile app (which is what I use). So, really sorry for this. Approving and replying to each and every one of you now


The last month to JEE Main

And here it begins. Do your board exams well people. It will help you get the needed confidence for the big exam looming ahead of you. Also do comment any specific queries here or on Twitter using the handle @PrepseraOfficia

I would love to make a reply post addressing all your last minute queries.


Are IITs contributing to the major portion of uplifting basic science education pan India?

I don’t think so fully…

As the name stands, the Indian Institute of Technology, has managed to do decently well thanks to the dedicated pool of students that have entered it.

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Tools that every engineering/science student must have – Part 2

An engineering or science bachelors degree is no small feat. In fact, it is a huge accomplishment comprising a lot of learning, and a complete overhaul of the way our mind words and learns. As such, there’s a lot of stuff that is expected out of an engineer or a scientist… and there are a lot of tools we must learn to use, and use well. This guide is primarily meant for Tier 2 and 3 college students of the country as they don’t have the exposure that the old IITs or IISc have and as such, the students don’t know what to do. Such skills, as I shall point out here, are essential. Do learn all of this….

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Attempting the Board Examinations : A guide to cracking the CBSE, ISC, ICSE and State Boards

It’s the second week of February already which means that the Board examinations are almost due. As such, it is a common sight to see students frantically going over their class notes, stopping all forms of recreation, practicing hundreds of sample papers and altogether just cutting out their social lives. Relax, people… It’s not needed. You can score just as well by planning in a cool and composed manner… Want to know how? Keep reading. Also, please do share this with your peers who are giving the boards this year or shall be doing so in the subsequent years…

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Scans of my class notes… Would they be helpful for you guys?

Hey all people.. I do have a collection of scans of my own class notes from my 2 years of preparation… The notes span  Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry coupled with Physics and Maths. These scans cover around 90% of the entire syllabus, including chapters not found elsewhere.. like GoC and Isomerism. So, would you guys want me to put them up for you to use?

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Evanescence : One of the most eligible Linkin Park successor

A lot of you must have heard of Linkin Park, the famous rock band which brought us new genres of music like Nu-Metal and Electric-Rock. While so many of their fans keep swooning about the amazing vocal quality of Chester Bennington (their lead vocalist) or the superb flow of Mike Shinoda (another vocalist, mainly doing raps and slower songs), a lot of people just seem to miss the point of Linkin Park. Just listen to their songs and try to feel the instrumental flow in the background. Feel the emotions conveyed by the music. While you’re at it, take a look at the lyrics. Try to feel what the lyrics mean and what they imply. Put yourself into the position of the singer… into the position of the person who is feeling all that is mentioned in the lyrics. Keep doing it for some time, and you shall be able to understand Linkin Park much better.

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The natural evolution of Prepsera… You can help in the evolution !

By now, Prepsera is a pretty mature blog in terms of quantity of content as well as quality of content uploaded. All that is left to achieve is mass appeal… and for that I would need all of you guys to help me out…

I would be really grateful if you could help me in any way possible. Help would include…

  • Sharing the Prepsera Facebook/Twitter/Google+ pages and getting everyone you know to sign up as subscribers. Btw, just following the Facebook page of Prepsera automatically makes you a subscriber.
  • If you are on Quora and write related content, I would love to collaborate with you, including publicising your articles/blog. It would be great if you could let some good articles of yours be published on Prepsera. Includes free publicity of your profile/blog and an endorsement from me if ever you need it.
  • If you feel that Prepsera (or anyone affiliated to Prepsera) has helped you out in a part of your career, I would love if you could reach out to me at and help me grow by means of social platforms. If I love your work, you can get the chance to manage Prepsera’s entire Facebook page as well. Same goes for our Twitter handle.
  • Got ideas related to making YouTube videos or want some publicity of your channel in it’s infancy? You are invited to contact me anytime and Prepsera shall officially endorse your videos/channel (no matter what the content type, as long as it is sensible) in return for your endorsement/support to Prepsera.
  • In addition, I am pleased to tell you that I shall be expanding Prepsera from a mere “Competitive ExamGuide” to a more comprehensive life blog/diary. I shall be writing a whole lot more personal articles, including what IIT life has been for me, what all life entails, stuff that others don’t talk about, what is going on in tech and my take on it, why the world is working the way it is, where is everything headed, and so on. There’s a ton of things to talk about. So, if you were hesitating recommending Prepsera to your elder sibling/parent/friend because they don’t need exam guidance, don’t worry. I shall be expanding the content type of the blog itself. Make sure to get everyone on board 🙂

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