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Getting over your taking too much sleep !

I believe a majority of students preparing for exams in which they require to burn the midnight oil, to work hard and with dedication often complain about how their sleep conflicts with their preparation. Some common complaints are like – 

“I can’t get up till late at night. I feel sleepy”.
“It’s hard to get up for me. All I want when I see my bed is to sleep and relax”.
“I’ll take a nap of 5 minutes (and then the 5 minutes end up being 1-2 hours)”.
“Today, I should sleep and I will get up early and study(that never happens)”.
“ When I go back from class, I’ll finish so and so chapters( but in reality, they  go to sleep as soon as they return)”.

Do you feel this can be a major factor that you aren’t able to give sufficient hours to study?

In this article, I have therefore summarized subtle points that if followed, could help you control your sleep to some extent. Fact is, nobody can assure you that following so and so things would help you overcome your sleep unless you yourself are not willing to do so. Thus above all the points that I am mentioning here, is your will.

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Why is cheating in exams considered wrong?

As a lesson in moral values, we are taught never to cheat, especially in exams. It leads to people shunning cheaters in many cases. However, this attitude also helps create more cheaters, simply because a lesson not substantiated with clearly visible logic is often viewed by people as a doctrine to violate. So then, why is cheating in exams considered a wrong thing to do?

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All you ever wanted to know about the GRE General Test !

One Test for Graduate and Business School. More Opportunities for Success.

Getting an advanced degree can create many opportunities. In fact, recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development illustrates how education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates. Here’s how the GRE General Test helps you out. Continue reading All you ever wanted to know about the GRE General Test !