Hello there, people. It’s time… KVPY is arriving soon and i felt that you need the best to clear it. Hence, we have come out with our own set of mock tests prepared for you by the experienced faculties who are on-board the Team Prepsera…

Here is the link to these papers. Make sure you use them well. A question from our mock tests came in KVPY 2016. So, you know what to do 🙂 Continue reading KVPY SX : MOCK TESTS

Calculus 101 : Differential Calculus

The Case with Differential Calculus :

Do you like to watch the skateboarding competitions?Where do you find the thrill, in the skating on the flat ground or on the curved part?

Just for a moment…. rewind the skateboarding video that you are watching alongside as you read this article…. and observe the motion of the head of the skateboarder? Do you see that for very short time intervals, the head moves approximately as a straight line? 

Did you know that simple mathematics can help you calculate the tilt of this ‘line’ (something we call the slope)? If not, then differential calculus is the way to go. Finding the slope is one of the basic tasks that differential calculus deals with. That is not all, however. Differential Calculus is a much more diverse and beautiful science which explains a lot about the world. In fact, all the major researchers in the world use calculus extensively. Simply speaking, calculus is the most logical and useful part of mathematics, specially in JEE syllabus. Continue reading Calculus 101 : Differential Calculus

Scoring high in BITSAT with just 10 months of preparation…

Definitely, it can be done !

Even if you do not exclusively prepare for BITSAT, and rather prepare for JEE and other engineering entrances too, you can still score these marks in BITS.

Many of the top scorers of BITS do not particularly prepare for BITS. Trust me, this comes out to be my own experience. Well, so the question that remains here is…

How do I prepare in these 10 months? Continue reading Scoring high in BITSAT with just 10 months of preparation…

Modern Physics : Quick, simple, and easy

Everyone knows what modernity stands for, right? Speed. Yup, that’s the answer. And how do we achieve it…. Well, we use short cuts, tricks, slangs, etc. Everyone knows what “IDK’ stands for, right? Such a long line….shortened into three letters. Yeah, that is the new modern generation. Quick, fast and short. Presenting the shortest unit of the enitre JEE syllabus, something as short as its modernity and as quickly understood… Yup, you guessed it right. It is none other than Modern Physics, the most scoring unit of JEE Physics. Continue reading Modern Physics : Quick, simple, and easy

Windows is going downhill. I’m disappointed, Microsoft

It’s the year 2015. PC users receive a notification from Microsoft the likes of which they have never seen. The notification says – Upgrade to Windows 10. For free! (That was serious marketing, Microsoft).Of course, I didn’t realise back then how Microsoft was playing us all along. With the excitement of a teenager, I quickly borrowed all the laptops in the house, and upgraded them to Windows 10 the day it was launched.

Continue reading Windows is going downhill. I’m disappointed, Microsoft

Apple’s Ecosystem : The secret of it’s success !

People are often left confused as to why the “overpriced pieces of crap” Apple products keep selling more and more by the year. (I personally find Apple products of an extremely high quality). After all, it is an honest question. If an Android phone costing 1/3rd of an iPhone can do almost all the basic tasks expected of a smartphone these days, then why do people still buy into Apple products?

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Apple’s new A11 “Bionic” Chip : It’s a huge leap into the future

Apple created headlines with it’s event yesterday, with the unveiling of the iPhone 8/8Plus and the gorgeous iPhone X. However, the biggest change is not what can be seen from the outside. Apple has created a whole new era in mobile computing with it’s A11 chip, also introduced at the keynote. At a moment when the latest and greatest of Snapdragon’s processors couldn’t manage to keep up with Apple’s A10X Fusion chip, Apple announced the A11 chip to be present in all the future iPhones. That’s a huge leap forward.

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To do well in the upcoming exams, join an Online Test Series…

And this applies to all upcoming exams : JEE, BITSAT, Other Engineering Exams, anything that has gone the way of online exams. There is a very simple reason for it : Developing a habit. Pen and paper based exams are second nature to most of us for the simple reason that we have been giving such examinations all our lives. However, think back to the time when you had your first examination… Didn’t it feel awkward and something out of your comfort zone? Well, that’s because you had no habit of doing it.

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Dear Apple haters, Here’s something for you…

Take a tour of the internet, especially tech blogs and YouTube channels. One common feature I have noticed : Hate for Apple runs high. And I fail to understand why? Is it so big an issue as to what device others buy and use?Mostly, people criticise Apple for being overpriced. To justify their argument, they state what all features Androids have. However, all such arguments have a gaping loophole, and that’s what I want to bring out today.

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Linux is Over-Hyped… My take on the one and only free OS

Don’t get me wrong here, Linux is a great OS, especially for budding Engineers and Computer Scientists (the sort of people who are expected to know everything about their devices and are expected to tweak them as these). It’s just that the advantages stop right here. Maybe being free could be another advantage. Maybe.

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Sandboxing in a nutshell : How it affects the security of your device

Often we come across this term – Sandboxing. So what exactly is it? More importantly, how does it affect you and why should you even bother?

If you are an iOS user, you must have often complained about how it takes time to access files from two different apps or how you cannot download files to your iDevice or how you cannot tweak the system settings, and so on. That’s because of sandboxing.

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Android isn’t really as great as it is claimed to be. Here’s why…

So, Prepsera Tech starts off with Android here, perhaps the most widely used OS in the entire world (more than even Windows). Almost everyone around seems to have an Android device, and they are pretty defensive about how great it is. Have a look at YouTube, or for that matter any site where people can comment, and you can see how huge the Android community is.

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Book review: Objective Physics for medical entrances, by DC Pandey.

One of the most commonly used books by students preparing for medical  entrances is  Objective Physics by DC Pandey.

The book is designed especially on the pattern of NEET . It has a HUGE plethora of questions per chapter arranged in such a manner that it has various levels depending  on the difficulty. It also has a lot of questions which are modifications of previous year questions of Jee Mains. Although the book doesn’t have any subjective problems like HC verma, the questions are far more streamlined as far as NEET preparation is concerned.

Continue reading Book review: Objective Physics for medical entrances, by DC Pandey.

How to go about for biology for NEET

Biology, the favorite subject of most NEET aspirants and the subject which accounts for 50% of the paper.  However in my opinion, biology for NEET requires  you to be very choosy about your study sources in order to save time.

First and foremost the most important book for NEET is NCERT biology. In NEET 2017, 78 questions had come directly or indirectly from NCERT biology. So you should know every line of NCERT. In fact, in my own case I lost out on around 4-5 of these questions because my knowledge of NCERT wasn’t perfect.

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Inorganic- The better way to prepare

Inorganic. This word is lodged deep inside in the psyche of a JEE Aspirant. As soon as the ears hear an “in-” a chill hurtles down his spine. Relax, inorganic is a wolf in a mammoths skin. The course is not very specific and information available is enough to boggle anyone who attempts to mug it all up. What we need is a reliable information source and then, a method to organize the information so that we can retain it more efficiently. Let’s first talk about the source:-

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Tech Stuff @ Prepsera

So yog must have seen at our Facebook page that Prepsera is going to be featuring technology related articles as well. So, yeah… It’s gonna be a big step forward for us as we try and provide you with interesting reads in the awesome field of technology. Maybe just to provide you a spark for tech. After all, for all those who want to do something in the future. After all, technology rules us all, works for us all and is present everywhere.

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DC Pandey Vs HC Verma : Which book is right for me?

One of the most viral questions on the internet has been, this book or that… So, here is my take on questions of these sorts. In this latest series of articles, I shall attempt to help clarify whatever doubts you may have regarding which book to chose. Of the various books that High School students can use for Physics, DC Pandey and HC Verma both are insanely popular choices. Both these books bring a good concise theory to the table, coupled with solved and unsolved questions.

Continue reading DC Pandey Vs HC Verma : Which book is right for me?

How to prepare Physics for NEET?

Physics, the subject which is considered to be the nightmare for 99% of NEET aspirants. But is it really true? Most NEET aspirants fear physics because unlike biology, it can not be mugged up. Medical aspirants develop a habit of mugging up and feel that the same thing can be applied to physics. As a result they feel that they have understood the concept at home but can’t apply the same in examinations. This leads to a fear of physics resulting in a vicious cycle.

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Test series for NEET… Which one to choose?

Ask anyone, the only thing which can give us an idea regarding how good our preparation for any competitive exam, is a test-series. Now a number of test series for NEET are available,and the question which arises first is “Which one to choose?”. Now the 2 major test series available are those of  Allen and Aakash. The reason why I am naming these coaching institutes is because of the sheer number of  students who give their test series. 

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JEE Counselling Tips: NITs

CSE/IT is undoubtedly the heart-throb of many Engineering aspirants in India.

Reasons are obvious.

Firstly, Learning programming is interesting and logical. Plus, it is more rewarding than Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical. Secondly, IT sectors and other software engineers recruiting companies offer a handsome salary package that is sufficient to attract students from all over the country to pursue Computer Science.

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Books for NEET/AIPMT Preparation

After counselling you all for JEE the past year, this year Prepsera shall start off with NEET guidance as well, thanks to a couple of my friends who cleared NEET this year. So, their advises shall be what I shall be writing on, including valuable inputs from our experienced faculty team, headed by Mohit Ryan. Let’s dive into the details of the exam, now. As mentioned earlier, the first step of the preparation of any exam is the material that we need to. The next step is to make a focused plan and the last step is to stick to it.

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