Attempting the paper : Things to keep in mind

This is another of the articles contributed by Harish. Really appreciate his work and his views and I felt that these would resonate with a lot of you and might help you out. Most of you frequent visitors of the blog already know my views and that’s why I post these articles written by Harish so that you people can get an alternative view point and decide what works best for yourself. As always, anyone who wishes to join this cause and help out is welcome to message me 🙂

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Think… : A humble request to everyone of you.

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Regular study for school or just a sprint before the exam?

An interesting comment I found here on Prepsera and this is something I think should have come to me as well. It is a pretty essential question and a dilemma faced by a lot many kids who are preparing for competitive exams. So, if I were you, this is what I would do…

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Apologies for the comments section

You must have seen your comments not getting published on the site of late. Well, I realised that my spam filter had misconfigured itself on it’s own and had been blocking everything. Also, I was unable to see this because i can only access these configurations from the desktop site and not in the mobile app (which is what I use). So, really sorry for this. Approving and replying to each and every one of you now


Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe : Perfect for NTSE, CAT, Bank PO and more

Welcome all to the book review of this wonderful book – Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe. This has been one of the best books I have used on this subject and I can tell you that I absolutely fell in love with solving it’s problems. A great testament to this book is that it really sharpens your mind. For example, during my NTSE preparation, I exclusively practiced from this book for the Mental Ability portion of the exam. Funny thing, though. The year I cleared NTSE was perhaps the first time that there were more scholarships available than the eligible candidates. Basically, 1000 kids were supposed to get a scholarship that year but only 750 managed to pass in the mental ability test. This lead to only 750 kids being awarded the scholarship. That was because of an extremely tough MAT paper (was of a CAT level). All I have to say that is thanks to this book, I did manage to clear the mental ability paper with ease.

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Is RD Sharma sufficient for Maths preparation of JEE Advanced?

If I am to be extremely concise and clear, not at all.

R D Sharma focuses mainly on the board level question which, while might work well during your boards/easy questions, however do not provide you with the depth or the analytic skills needed while solving JEE Mathematics questions.

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What are the feelings just after giving JEE Advanced?

It sure is a mixed bag of feelings.

But the first thing you feel is … that you are tired. I felt as if two years of my focussed hard work had culminated that day when i gave the paper. All i wanted to do then was rest, as if i had covered a long distance with no break. And that was what it was too.

I chilled out a lot as soon as i came home and slept without meaning too. The 6 hours of the actual JEE paper drain you more than the All India Test Series (and even the AITS papers drain much more than normal studies do).

But, after you have given the paper, you begin to feel what marks you are expected to get, and what rank. I was pretty happy, thought i had a good rank with me. But, I never believed in it. Always expect the least, to be happiest. So…that was that.

I never checked my marks through the answer key. I never cared.

I enjoyed with family, started pursuing new hobbies…something my jee prep had not allowed me to do.

And then you realize, JEE is just a paper… but the journey was fun.

Get comfortable in Online tests :)

This is another great article by Harish which tackles the ever present problem of how to manage online examinations. It is indeed a problem writing on a computer.

I have already written as to why it is bad to put a computer based exam here

Harish’s answer to How bad is the decision of conducting the IIT JEE Advanced 2018 online and introducing short answers instead of multiple choice?

Tips to make yourself comfortable for Jee Advanced (If at all you are very much confident of cracking Jee)

• Write Jee Mains online.(This is will be really helpful if you are focusing on Jee advanced,but be careful if you mess up Mains like I have done then it maybe a problem).[1]

• Try to write BITSAT exam before the advanced exam.(Disadvantage-Writing after the Advanced helps you to actually decide whether you really want to write the exam Seriously and you can carry on preparing for the same.).

• Enrolling in some of the online test series held by coaching institutes (I guess Fiitjee has started online AITS,dont know about other coaching institute)

• Studying in front of your computer table(in a chair) with the computer off for atleast 3 hrs in a day(This will help you to sit for 3 long hours in a chair with limited movement).

• Solving a practice paper every Sunday Afternoon perhaps for 1 hr initially and then onwards gradually increasing the time as the exam comes close by(Afternoon slot is very crucial in JEE ,hence I would suggest you to try to write most of the exams in the afternoon,if you have time, then attempt both morning and afternoon).

• Solving papers online though you must not make it a habit and do it every alternate day as most of the online papers that you can avail,have bad paper standard and hence turns out to be a waste of time.

• Perhaps you can download a past Advanced paper(or even Mains as you will be needing for Mains as well) and solve that paper instead of solving a paper given by some online website.

All the best!

A very Happy Valentine’s Day… to all my single friends !

Okay, so I’m officially tired of all those memes which keep targeting us single people of being boring and having a sad life because we’re alone on a Valentine’s Day. Are these people even for real? To hell with all of you, we singles are all better than you…

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Tools that every engineering/science student must have – Part 2

An engineering or science bachelors degree is no small feat. In fact, it is a huge accomplishment comprising a lot of learning, and a complete overhaul of the way our mind words and learns. As such, there’s a lot of stuff that is expected out of an engineer or a scientist… and there are a lot of tools we must learn to use, and use well. This guide is primarily meant for Tier 2 and 3 college students of the country as they don’t have the exposure that the old IITs or IISc have and as such, the students don’t know what to do. Such skills, as I shall point out here, are essential. Do learn all of this….

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Peter Atkins Physical Chemistry : Use this if you want to ace IChO

Let’s start preparing for the International Olympiads, shall we? While much of the preparation shall be covered in the camps by themselves, you must be prepared beforehand if you want to be one of the 4-5 students who represents India at this amazing international stage… I feel that Peter Atkins is an amazing book for Physical Chemistry… Read on to find more…

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