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Books for JEE Preparation

It’s the time of the year again when new books are demanded for by the new batch of students. So here is this post for you guys updated for this very currentyear. Please do share a lot. Ladies and gentlemen, here is a roundup of  the Best Books for JEE Preparation that you can use to get the edge over your competitors. Note that the combination of these books is complete and you just need to study/practice them. You need no other book or study material for your preparation.

So, anyways  I am here, you are here, this article is here. Gosh! If we are all here, why aren’t we talking? Let’s start off (Take a breather before i fire away…. you will need it)

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The natural evolution of Prepsera… You can help in the evolution !

By now, Prepsera is a pretty mature blog in terms of quantity of content as well as quality of content uploaded. All that is left to achieve is mass appeal… and for that I would need all of you guys to help me out…

I would be really grateful if you could help me in any way possible. Help would include…

  • Sharing the Prepsera Facebook/Twitter/Google+ pages and getting everyone you know to sign up as subscribers. Btw, just following the Facebook page of Prepsera automatically makes you a subscriber.
  • If you are on Quora and write related content, I would love to collaborate with you, including publicising your articles/blog. It would be great if you could let some good articles of yours be published on Prepsera. Includes free publicity of your profile/blog and an endorsement from me if ever you need it.
  • If you feel that Prepsera (or anyone affiliated to Prepsera) has helped you out in a part of your career, I would love if you could reach out to me at prepsera@gmail.com and help me grow by means of social platforms. If I love your work, you can get the chance to manage Prepsera’s entire Facebook page as well. Same goes for our Twitter handle.
  • Got ideas related to making YouTube videos or want some publicity of your channel in it’s infancy? You are invited to contact me anytime and Prepsera shall officially endorse your videos/channel (no matter what the content type, as long as it is sensible) in return for your endorsement/support to Prepsera.
  • In addition, I am pleased to tell you that I shall be expanding Prepsera from a mere “Competitive ExamGuide” to a more comprehensive life blog/diary. I shall be writing a whole lot more personal articles, including what IIT life has been for me, what all life entails, stuff that others don’t talk about, what is going on in tech and my take on it, why the world is working the way it is, where is everything headed, and so on. There’s a ton of things to talk about. So, if you were hesitating recommending Prepsera to your elder sibling/parent/friend because they don’t need exam guidance, don’t worry. I shall be expanding the content type of the blog itself. Make sure to get everyone on board 🙂

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Apple’s Ecosystem : The secret of it’s success !

People are often left confused as to why the “overpriced pieces of crap” Apple products keep selling more and more by the year. (I personally find Apple products of an extremely high quality). After all, it is an honest question. If an Android phone costing 1/3rd of an iPhone can do almost all the basic tasks expected of a smartphone these days, then why do people still buy into Apple products?

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