Team Prepsera

Aakash Kapoor

Founder & Chair

Just about eighteen, Aakash recently entered IITB to pursue B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, after a spectacular showing in the JEE-2016, with AIR of 95. Aakash also has a NTSE scholarship and a KYPY fellowship under his belt, and thinks nothing is impossible. Always a dreamer whose favourite activity is stargazing, he wants to some day work with the likes on NASA and found organizations that help teenagers achieve their dreams.

Arun Kapoor

Strategist & Advisor

Arun, Aakash’s elder brother, is an investment banker working in Singapore and is an IITian himself, albeit from IITD. A graduate in 2008 as a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, he somehow ended up in finance and nearly nine years later, continues to work as an Indian equities specialist. However, he has always wanted to help the cause of education (he is most proud of his six-year stint as a mentor for underprivileged children with Akanksha Foundation), and with this intent has joined Aakash’s endeavor.


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